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Massive Climbing Book Clear Out

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 Tom Last 25 Sep 2019

Right, all of this to go.

Any x3 £4 books for a tenner.

All prices include 2nd class postage.

GC = good condition

AC = acceptable condition (scuffs)

PC = poor condition (tears)

Paypal please so I can keep track of stuff. thomasjwlast (at) hotmail (dot) com

Will post stuff over the weekend coming if not before.




A Topo Guide to The Rock Climbs of the Mont Blanc Area, Piola (English), 1st ed, 1986. AC £30.00I know this is rare, don't really know what it's worth - it's a buyers' market after all. There's a ridiculous price online, so I figured £30 is fine if anybody wants it.

Extreme Rock, Ken Wilson, 1st ed, 1987. GC. Some stickiness to pages, but no tears and overall good conditions for a book of this age £125.00 Recorded delivery.

Hardback biography

The Bond, Simon McCartney, 1st ed. 2016 GC £10.00

Vertical Pleasure, Mick Fowler, 2006 ed. GC £10.00

On Thin Ice, Mick Fowler, 1st ed. 2005. GC £8.00

Troll Wall, Tony Howard, 1st ed. 2005. GC £8.00

One Day as a Tiger, John Porter, 1st ed. 2014. GC £10.00

Psychovertical, Andy Kirkpatrick, 1st ed. 2008. GC. SIGNED £8.00

Hanging On, Martin Boysen, 1st ed. 2014. GC. SIGNED £10.00

Full of Myself, Johnny Dawes, 1st ed. 2011. GC £10.00

Echoes, Nick Bullock, 1st ed. 2012. GC £12.00

Alone of the Wall, Alex Honnold, 1st ed. 2015. GC £8.00

Lonely Hills and Wilderness Trails, Richard Gilbert, 1st ed. 2000. AC £6.00

Mountaineering in Scotland and Undiscovered Scotland Omnibus, W.H. Murray, 1982 ed. AC £6.00

Hands of a Climber (Colin Kirkus biography), Steve Dean, 1st ed. 1993. Ex Library AC £6.00

The Munros in Winter, Martin Moran, 1st ed. 1986. AC £15.00

Camps and Climbs in Arctic Norway, Thomas Weir, Travel Bookclub ed. AC £6.00

Life and Limb, Jamie Andrew, 2003 ed. AC £6.00

Holding On, Jo Gambi, 2006 ed. GC £6.00

Mirrors in the Cliffs, Jim Perrin, 1983 ed. GC £6.00

Paperback biography

Annapurna South Face, Chris Bonington, 1977 ed. AC £5.00

Rock Athlete, Ron Fawcett,2011 ed. GC £10.00

The Villain, Jim Perrin, 2006 ed. AC £4.00

Learning to Breathe, Andy Cave, 2006 ed. GC £4.00

High Endeavours (Robin Smith bio), Jimmy Cruickshank, 2006 ed. £5.00

127 Hours: Between a Rock and a Hard Place, Aron Ralston, 2010 ed. AC £3.00

One Man's Mountains, Tom Patey, 1997 ed. AC £8.00

Fiva, Gordon Stainforth, 2012 ed. GC £4.00

Joe Simpson, This Game of Ghosts, 1994 ed. AC £4.00

Touching the Void, Joe Simpsdon, 1997 ed. AC £4.00

The Beckoning Silence, Joe Simpson, 2003 e. AC £4.00

Into Thin Air, Jon Krakauer, 1998 ed. AC £4.00

Sacred Summits, Peter Boardman, 1998 ed. AC £4.00

Norway: The Northern Playground, Cecil Slingsby, 2003 ed. GC £10.00

Quest for Adventure, Chris Bonington, 1983 ed. AC £4.00

Tides, Nick Bullock, 2018 ed. GC £10.00

Climb to the Lost World, Hamish MacInnes, 1976 ed. AC £4.00

Dougal Haston, In High Places, 1974 ed. AC £4.00

Always a Little Further, Alastair Borthwick, 1993 ed. AC £10.00

Feeding the Rat, Al Alvarez, 2003 ed. AC £8.00

A Dream of White Horses, Ed Drummond, 1997 ed. GC £8.00

Mountain, Griff Rhys Jones, 2007 ed. £4.00


Training for the New Alpinism, Steve House Scott Johnson, 1st ed, AC £15.00

9 out of 10 Climbers Make the Same Mistakes, Dave MacLeod, AC £10.00

Climbing Fit, Martyn Hurn and Pat Ingle, 1988 ed. AC £4.00

Filming the Impossible, Leo Dickinson 1986 ed. GC £6.00

How to Big Wall Climb, Supertopo/McNamara, 2012, GC £10.00

Tradclimbing+ Rockfax/Adrian Berry/John Arran 1st ed. AC £6.00

Mountaincraft and Leadership, Eric Langmuir, 1984 ed. AC £6.00

Climbing Guides

Yosemite Valley Free Climbs, Supertopo/Barnes, 2003 ed. GC £10.00

Yosemite Big Walls, Chris McNamara, 2005 ed. AC £10.00

West Cornwall, Climbers' Club, 200 ed. PC £5.00

West Country Climbs, Rockfax, 2010 ed. PC £5.00

The Crag Guide to England and Wales, David Jones, 1995 ed. AC £4.00

Envers des Aiguilles (English), Michel Piola, GC £8.00

The Long Routes: Mountaineering Rock Climbs in Snowdonia and the Lake District, Robin Ashcroft, 2005 ed. GC £5.00

The Munros, SMC/Donald Bennet, 1986 ed. GC £6.00

The 4000m Peaks of the Alps, Alpine Club/Martin Moran, 2007 ed. GC £10.00

Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps, Vertebrate/Stephane Maire, 2011 ed. GC £10.00

Bernese Oberland Alpine Club/Les Swindin, 2003 ed. GC £6.00

Mont Blanc Massif Volume II, Alpine Club/Lindsay Griffin, 2002 ed. AC £6.00

Walking in the Alps, Kev Reynolds, 1998 ed. GC £6.00

Skye and the Hebrides Volume II (Outer Hebrides) SMC, 1996 ed. Looks like a bit has been taken out of inside title oage, otherwise GC £4.00

Lake Disctric Rock FRCC, 2003 ed. GC £4.00

Southern Sandstone, CC/Vetterlein, 1995 ed. £4.00

South Devon and Dartmoor New Routes Supplement, CC/Nick White, 200 ed. PC £4.00

West Cornwall Supplement, CC/Andy March, 2010 ed. PC £4.00

Scottish Winter Climbs, SMC/Andy Nisbet, 2002 ec. PC £4.00

Swanage, CC/Gordon Jenkin, 1986 ed. AC £4.00

Dorest, Rockfax/Pete Oxley, 2000 ed. PC £4.00

Lakes Bouldering, Rockfax/Lagoe/Hyslop, 2006 ed. AC £4.00

Western Grit, Rockfax, 2003 ed. PC £4.00

Peak Gritstone East, Rockfax, 2001 ed. PC £4.00

Scotland's Mountain Ridges, Dan Bailey, 2006 ed. AC £8.00

The Ridges of England, Wales and Ireland, Dan Bailey, 2009 ed. GC £8.00

Coffee Table

Preposterous Tales, Emmett/Gresham, 2005 ed. GC £6.00

Top Climbs of the World, Garth Hattingh, 1999 ed. AC £6.00

Here The and Everywhere, Jim Curran, 2012 ed. GC £10.00

Classic Rock, Ken Wilson, 2007 ed. GC £15.00

The Wall, Thomas and Alexander Huber, AC £6.00

The Mountains of Rasselas, Thomas Pakenham, 1999 ed. AC £6.00

World Mountaineering, Audrey Salkeld, 1998 ed. AC £6.00

Rock Climbing in Britain, David Jones, 1993 ed. GC £6.00

Himalaya Alpine Style, Venables/Fanshawe, 1995 ed. AC ex library £10.00

Mont Blanc, Philippe Batoux, 2012 ed, GC £15.00

Classic Rock Climbs in Southern England, Bill Birkett, 1991 ed. AC £6.00

The Big Walks, Wilson/Gilbert, 1980 ed. GC £8.00

Hard Rock, Ken Wilson, 1992, 3rd Edition. PC (about an inch/2 inches of the bottom corners of about half of the pages in the book became stuck togethere with resulting surface tearing/delamination £10.00

Cold Climbs, Ken Wilson, 1991 ed. GC £15.00


Bosigran, CC/Ed Hart, 1978 ed. AC £4.00

Climbers' Guide to the Cairngorms Area, volume II, SMS/Strange 1973 ed. PC £4.00

Rock Climbing in the Peak District, Paul Nunn, 1977 ed. AC. £5.00

Climbing and Walking in South East England, Edward C.Pyatt, 1970 ex library ed. AC £5.00

A Climber in the West Country, Edward C. Pyatt, 1967 ed. AC £5.00

Rock Climbing in Britain, J.E.B. Wright, 1958 ed. £10.00

The Craft of Climbing, W.H. Murray, 1st ed. AC £4.00


Alpinist magazine editions #48, 54-64 & 66 - £60.00 the lot or £5 each.

 Tom Last 26 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

How to Big Wall Climb sold

 Tom Last 26 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

Mountaineering in the Swiss Alps 
Bernese Oberland
Envers du Aguilles English
Mont Blanc Massif vol II 
Mont Blanc P Batoux 


 Tom Last 26 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

The Bond

A Climber in the West Country

Always a Little Further

Ridges of England, Wales and Ireland 


 speculoos 28 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

Hi, are the Dorset Rockfax and Scotland's Mountain Ridges books still available?


 Tom Last 28 Sep 2019
In reply to speculoos:


 They are indeed.


 Tom Last 29 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

West Country climbs

Feeding the rat

9 out of 10 climbers

Filming the impossible

Skye and Hebrides

Southern sandstone

Scotlands Mountain Ridges

Peak Gritstone East



Scottish Winter Climbs

Lakes Bouldering


 rhudson 29 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

How are you mate?

 Co1in H 29 Sep 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

Is Hanging on by Boysen still available?



 Tom Last 29 Sep 2019
In reply to rhudson:

Will message you mate.

 Tom Last 29 Sep 2019
In reply to Co1in H:

It is Colin.

I’ve set it aside for you.


 Co1in H 03 Oct 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

Hanging On arrived today. Many thanks.


 Tom Last 05 Oct 2019
In reply to Co1in H:

Cheers Colin.


 Co1in H 14 Oct 2019
In reply to Tom Last:

What's left?

 StevenF 03 Dec 2019

Hi, is Tradclimbing+ Rockfax/Adrian Berry/John Arran available? 


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