/ ME Tupilak Pack Range in Store at Ellis Brigham

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Spring ’18 sees the arrival of something truly special at Ellis Brigham; the Tupilak series of packs by Mountain Equipment.  Developed specifically for climbers and mountaineers, they represent the very best in simple, functional design.

Lightweight, durable and weather resistant, these packs excel on rock, ice and mixed ground alike.  Designed to offer On Demand Minimalism, the custom-made components are easily removable, reflecting the fact that not every feature will be needed all of the time.  Whether worn fully loaded or stripped down to the bare essentials, careful design ensures the pack sits stable and fits comfortably – essential for those long dawn to dusk exploits.

Tupilak 45

The Tupilak 45 is the largest of the series.  With a 45 litre capacity, it is well suited to alpine and winter climbing on the steepest lines and biggest faces.  A practical layout and clever storage options ensure space for all your climbing kit, so quickly accessing gloves or stashing crampons become second nature.

  • PACT 300/100 fabrics: high tenacity nylon 6.6 with a double ripstop construction
  • Durable Water Repellent outer coating, water impermeable TPU inner coating
  • Fabrics offer optimal balance of durability, low weight and weather resistance
  • Lightweight high density EVA back panel
  • Adjustable high density EVA shoulder straps with load lifters
  • Adjustable sternum strap
  • 40mm webbing hipbelt with removable high density EVA moulded hip fins
  • On Demand Minimalism; all components are removable
  • Integrated cowl-lid closure for easy packing and weather protection
  • Durable aluminium Grappler Buckle – one-handed pack closure system
  • Internal roll-top closure
  • Internal floating accessories pocket – accessible from inside or outside of pack
  • Side compression straps with aluminium Hammerhead toggles
  • Dual ice axe toggles with integrated pick pocket
  • Supplied with shockcord system – can be used across front to stow additional gear
  • Daisy chain system
  • Front and rear haul loops

Capacity: 45 litres
Weight: 815g (600g stripped weight)
Colours: Magma or Graphite


 Tupilak 37 

Mountain Equipment see the Tupilak 37 as their finest all-round pack.  With a 37 litre capacity, it rewards the minimalist focussed alpinist.  Durable and weather resistant, lightweight and low-bulk, whether tackling long summer alpine routes or steep winter climbs you won’t be disappointed.

Features as above.

Capacity: 37 litres
Weight: 780g (570g stripped weight)
Colours: Magma or Graphite


Tupilak 30

The Tupilak 30 is the smallest and lightest pack of the series.  With a 30 litre capacity, it’s ideal for the most minimalist of alpinists and those climbing more accessible routes where less kit is required.  Durable, highly weather resistant yet weighing just 730 grams, your newest climbing companion won’t fail to impress.

Features as above but without side straps.

Capacity: 30 litres
Weight: 730g (520g stripped weight)
Colours: Magma or Graphite


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MFB - on 16 Feb 2018
In reply to Ellis Brigham:

£200 for a rucksack, wow

coldwill - on 19 Feb 2018
In reply to MFB:

Shit the bed!!!!!!! 

99ster - on 19 Feb 2018
In reply to Ellis Brigham:

Is it just me...or does that look very, very much like a Patagonia Ascensionist pack?

Just saying....

Post edited at 15:37
Stuart the postie - on 19 Feb 2018
In reply to 99ster:

It is a more expensive Ascensionist! Who would have thought, a Mountain Equipment product more expensive than Arcteryx or Patagonian equivalent!!

I really think they have seriously missed a trick with the pricing of these bags, at least £100 more expensive than most climbers can afford! A real shame......


samith - on 20 Feb 2018

This prouduct is Very good prices I this More Prices to this prouct 


Post edited at 13:03
jaggy bunnet - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to Ellis Brigham:

Practically no different to the arcteryx pack. I dont see much innovation here.

Tricadam on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to jaggy bunnet:

Agreed. I have no idea how they think they're going to shift this product at this price. I'll be sticking to my Ascensionist 35

Makemake002 - on 26 Feb 2018
In reply to Ellis Brigham:

I like the orange color, but a bit pricey for me.

Pipecleaner - on 28 Feb 2018
In reply to Stuart the postie:

If they're as durable as they make out then it might just about be worth it.  Looks thoroughly well thought out...mind not game changingly different to a lot of bits from other packs that are already well done.  What it does look lloke s that the whole package is well considered...coupled with being really tough.  

Probably not worth it for the average climber but if you really hammer your gear it might make sense.



Post edited at 15:13

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