/ Men's Scarpa Manta B2 & Petzl Charlet Irvis Cramp

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Jason Chadwick on 24 Jan 2018




Here are my Scarpa Manta B2's and also Petzl Charlet Irvis crampons for sale £150 (If you would like any images of close up of the boots or crampons I'm happy to get them to you. I' only allowed one photo by the looks of things.) 

Details about these: 

They'e had an extremely easy life for the years I have had them. Firstly, the crampons have never been used as I just haven't had the hours off work to do so. 

The boots are in great condition and aren't even really broken in properly yet. As I only weight 10 stone my weight to foot size has had little impact on them. 

The soles are in near perfect condition as are the uppers. The rubber rand is in great shape with next to no marks and no signs of drying or splitting. 

The creases to either side of the tongue are clean and undamage as are all of the lace eyelets. 

I have been using two insoles as I have a shallow bridge for my foot size so I invested in a pair of thermal insoles which will come with the boots. The insoles are in good condition and are free from bad smells which is the same for the boots. 


Just wish I could have had more use from them but I guess I'm just not made for it.

Sad sale which is why I've kept them for so long. 

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JayPee630 - on 24 Jan 2018
In reply to Jason Chadwick:

Erm, size...?

Jason Chadwick on 25 Jan 2018
In reply to JayPee630:

My apologies, size is UK 9 1/2 EU 44

Paddyschoice - on 13 Feb 2018
In reply to Jason Chadwick:

You have mail

bitterend - on 06 Mar 2018
In reply to Jason Chadwick:

Still available?  If so I'm interested.  email sent. 

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