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Mark Reeves - on 04 Feb 2019

Snowdonia Mountain Guides are looking to recruit a few trainee Mountaineering Instructors for their mentorship program this summer. Our aim is to help a few MIA trainees develop their skills in order to have a successful assessment. Our head coach is one of the limited number of official mentors for the Association of Mountaineering Instructors, whose aim it is to help reduce the failure rate in MIA trainees (currently more than 60% of candidates fail their assessment)

What we offer as part of the mentorship program:

  • An Initial one day personal needs assessment (This cost £180).
  • A personal development and training plan based on your one day assessment.
  • Opportunities to observe on our coaching and instructional courses.
  • Opportunities to work under direct supervision with real clients.
  • Opportunity for you to be observed teach non-paying mock clients (This cost £100-£150 a day)
  • Opportunity to be employed as a assistant instructor on a SMG course (We pay you £120)
  • On going advice and contact through email, Skype and phone.
  • Informal climbing meet-ups with Mentor (basically we go climbing and chat).
  • Various technical skill workshops if required (these are charged at AMI CPD rates)
  • Online learning resources.

As Snowdonia Mountain Guides head coach I am extremely excited to offer this opportunity to a few individuals. My aim is to work with you to guide you through a process in order to help you become a great instructor. This cannot happen overnight and this is a long term mentorship program that will take several months, in part so we can develop a mutual trust so I feel happy with you potentially work alongside clients.

This programme is specifically for people who have attended their MIA training and are looking to go to assessment in 2019. I can and do offer assistance for those looking to work towards their RCI or ML, I can also offer some support to help you bridge the gap between you ML/RCI and your MIA training.

There are more details on our webpage:


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