/ NEW Beacon Climbing Centre opening 23rd July 2012

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ClimbUK - on 21 Jun 2012 -

Beacon Climbing is currently in the process of constructing our new climbing centre on the Cibyn Estate just outside Caernarfon and due to open on 23rd July 2012. Located a few miles from our existing site, the new centre on the Cibyn Estate is conveniently placed on the main Llanberis to Caernarfon road and offers very easy access by car or public transport.

Lead climbing walls will extend up to 17m high (our current walls are a mere 12m) with a maximum 7m overhang so if you haven't been in contact with Mr Lactic Acid recently, you'll soon get plenty of opportunities! If climbing as quickly as possible is your chosen tactic to avoid Mr Lactic, you'll even be able to race the clock on our 15m high IFSC style speed climbing wall.

For climbers preferring the low stuff to the high stuff, our new bouldering walls will offer a vast array of climbing angles and styles including free standing boulders, technical aretes and a full overhanging arch. We're also building an 11m long and 5m wide bouldering 'routing roof', just to show that you don't even need to use a rope to get ridiculously pumped arms.

Construction of the new Beacon Climbing Centre is well under way and you can view the latest time lapse video on this page to check for yourself exactly how work has been progressing! Keep an eye out for movie updates due every few weeks!

Overview of our new climbing facilities...

•Main lead climbing walls up to 17m high with a maximum 7m overhang.
•Gently overhanging and vertical walls for more technical roped climbing.
•15m high IFSC certified 'speed climbing wall' - race the clock!
•Extensive bouldering areas with a huge variety of angles.
•11m long and 5m wide bouldering 'routing roof'
•The UK's first CrazyClimb installation.
•Dedicated kid's climbing area
•Group instruction area.
•Warm up and stretching areas
•Viewing balcony and drop in cafe.
•Meeting room and Lecture Theatre.
•Offices to rent
•Loads of free parking spaces

The UK’s first CrazyClimb installation…

Climbing for many of us isn't just about keeping fit and training and we've injected a huge amount of fun into our new centre with the inclusion of the UK's first CrazyClimb installation. Weird, wacky and very silly, CrazyClimb offers a whole series of unique climbing challenges from shimmying up drain pipes, back footing up chimneys, tackling a wall with large purple blobs instead of normal holds and much more.

The new Beacon Climbing Centre will have 11 challenges in total, each using a TruBlue autobelay system, removing the need for ropework or a belayer and we've no doubt that CrazyClimb will appeal to both adults and children!

Check out our CrazyClimb slideshow on the Beacon Climbing Website here

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