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ClimbUK - on 25 Nov 2009 -
Big Rock Climbing Centre is a collaboration between Beacon Climbing in North Wales and some local climbers from Milton Keynes.

The aim is to build a climbing centre of national importance and create a friendly, professionally run centre with some fantastic indoor climbing.

Terms have been agreed on a 1,500sqm unit in Kingston - that’s conveniently opposite the giant Tescos and not far from the M1 for those that know the area. The project is currently at the planning stage and if you’d like to lend us your support (which could be crucial) then you can do it on line by following this link:

The centre will feature:

• 1,200sqm of climbing initially and more to follow
• Several roped climbing areas with routes up to 11m long
• Huge bouldering area including some large freestanding boulders
• Dedicated group areas with a mini caving system & high ropes course
• Café, shop & meeting area
• Separate kid’s climbing area

We are currently working on some exciting designs for the various sections of climbing wall and we’d really welcome your suggestions for the design process either through this forum or by e-mail to

We are also keen to hear from local climbers who feel they might have something to offer whether you have building skills, instructor qualifications or you’d just like to get involved then please feel free to get in touch.

Hopefully we will have a web site up & running soon and we will use this to post updates on the project as well as plans and images of the wall designs.

We expect to open the centre in May/June 2010
Big Steve - on 26 Nov 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers: fantastic news, good luck with the planning permission though. I'll be there nearly every evening.
ClimbUK - on 26 Nov 2009 -
In reply to Big Steve:
Excellent, thanks for the support. We've gone to a lot of trouble on the planning front as we are well aware that this is where a lot of potential projects fail.

However, public support counts for a lot and any support you or your fellow climbers can give via the link above can only help our case.

Thanks again
charliehl - on 26 Nov 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers: Excellent news and a great idea. I have lodged my support.

Pink Marshmallow - on 26 Nov 2009
Fantastic news! Have sent my comments with the form. Hope it all works out!
brigsy - on 26 Nov 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers:

Great. I will keep an eye on this.
Sid - on 30 Nov 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers:

This is great news - good luck with making it happen. I've posted positive comments to the council using your link.
ecowaller - on 06 Dec 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers:nice one steve, good luck with the project. Milton keynes has needed a good facility for ages . Robbie warke Dart Rock
kverbabe - on 08 Dec 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers: Just in case, I threw in my 2 cents! We need to stick together in these challenging economic times! Good luck, hope my comments on the application help a bit!
Martin Wright - on 08 Dec 2009
In reply to Steve Mayers: I am based in Flitwick, not that far from Kingston, and I have lodged my support.
I wish you the very best of luck and hope to see you when the wall is built.
ClimbUK - on 11 Dec 2009 -
In reply to Steve Mayers: Thanks again to everybody for their support. I've just counted that 72 people have been on to the Milton Keynes Council web site and made comments - which is a fantastic response. Hopefully only a few more weeks to go now and we should know the outcome!
All the best
antdav - on 08 Jan 2010
In reply to Steve Mayers:

Beacons a great centre, if MK is anything like one of the rooms i'll be there a few nights a week
gogade - on 05 May 2010
In reply to antMK: Just found out about this! Brilliant! Followed the link to add my support and found the permision granted form! Can't wait, although you have now foiled my secret plan to make my millions by doing just this in Luton!! Oh well, will just have to think of the next "friend"!!
Sean Bell - on 17 May 2010
In reply to gogade: Any updates with this? Has work started?
ClimbUK - on 23 May 2010 -
In reply to SeanB: Sorry Sean only just spotted this. Work is progressing really well and we are currently hoping for an opening date of late July. You can follow our progress on our big rock blog.
Jaysquared69 - on 25 Aug 2010
In reply to Steve Mayers:

Hi Steve,

emailed you a while ago about the MK project. I'm now living in towcester. I'm a rock climbing instructor with the military and have single pitch award and route setters certificate. Lots of outdoor experience, UK and worldwide. Organised, judged and belayed at alot of military indoor comps. And am on the Royal Air Force Mountaineering Association committee.

Would like to get involved. How is the project coming on?


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