/ New Yosemite Big Wall Book!!

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velvet on 01 Jan 2014 -
Check out the upcoming, up-to-date and ultra-comprehensive Yosemite big wall book!

The Beta:

Erik Sloan has created the first comprehensive guidebook to bigwall climbing in Yosemite. The book contains over 300 routes, plus amazing photos. They are self-publishing this book in order to pass savings directly to the climber. To do this they need to provide a substantial amount of cash up front to cover the cost of printing.

Pre-order the book with an upfront donation.

Erik writes
"Actual shipping charges apply for all non-USA orders--so you all can pledge at whatever level you want and then in April/May we'll contact them when the books are ready to ship and ask for the additional shipping money if needed. Woot!"


timjones - on 01 Jan 2014
In reply to velvet:

Are you involved in the project?

I'd love to pledge some funds but international shipping from the US is a lottery IME. Any chance of fixing the postaqge rates now?
velvet on 01 Jan 2014 -
In reply to velvet:

I'm not involved in the book, I'm just a Yosemite climber and friend of the author trying to help get his great book to print.

I'll send your question to Erik!
Erik Sloan - on 01 Jan 2014
In reply to timjones:
Hi Tim, its Erik Sloan the author.

(note to all climbers: We need to raise $20k to cover the upfront printing costs of the book by Jan. 16. Please support our campaign today! If we do not reach our goal, your credit card will not be charged)

We're self-publishing the book and right now do not even know if we will be shipping from California, or from my home in Colorado. So I apologize but there is no way to fix the postage rates at this time.

The above post is not entirely accurate. It should read 'We will contact you in April/May when the books arrive and exact shipping rates are known'. If you pledge from another country for a print book you will have to pay the exact shipping costs in April or May, in addition to your pledge.

The ebook is awesome though, and I highly recommend you start with that and see how you like it.

Thank you,
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timjones - on 02 Jan 2014
In reply to Erik Sloan:

Thanks for the reply.

I'd already worked out that just buying the ebook was the safest option ;)

It just seems sad that you are losing out on bigger pledges due to the lack of will to research and fix a shipping cost.

Having seen some of the rip off prices that US shipping companies charge I wouldn't risk getting hit for overpriced postage on something that I have already paid for.
geomac - on 02 Jan 2014
In reply to Erik Sloan:

Hi there,
I saw your new guide book listed elsewhere but wondered why you call it the first comprehensive guide? There are two other rivals, namelu Chris Macnamara's Super Topo Big wall guide and John Long and John Middendorfs Yosemite Big Walls in it's second edition,which is the one I've been using.

What are the advantages to your own guide over and above what is offered in the above guides?

Whatever your guide book provides I do hope it's a success for you. I know how much hard work goes into the making of even the most modest of climbing guide books.
alex_arthur on 02 Jan 2014
In reply to timjones:

You won't be charged unless the book makes it to print. I've ordered loads of stuff from the states with very reasonable postage... Go for it, I've just ordered mine!
alex_arthur on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to geomac:

Just got my copy of the ebook, very pleased with it, different style to the supertopo guide, far more of a comprehensive guide with many routes and even walls I hadn't heard of before. Should certainly help escape crowds on the trade routes. Really hope it makes it to print.
Mattdevaal - on 03 Jan 2014
In reply to velvet:

I've pledged. Awesome eBook. would be great to have a hard copy too. Get on it Big Wallers!
edinburgh_man on 04 Jan 2014
In reply to geomac:

The Chris McNamara Super Topo book is about a million miles away from being a comprehensive guidebook, it is very select - there are whole walls / crags which are not included. Plus, there are so many errors and pieces of mis-information in that is a bad joke.

John Long and John Middendorfs Yosemite Big Walls book is not a big wall guidebook, it is a tutorial / instruction book for big wall climbing.

Yosemite REALLY does need a new big wall guidebook, and I hear the one from Erik is very good.
misterb - on 05 Jan 2014
In reply to alex_arthur:

are the topos and route descriptions printable so you can take them with you on the wall
alex_arthur on 05 Jan 2014
In reply to misterb:

Yep the ebook is in PDF format.

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