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wilkie14c - on 02 May 2013
Good morning everyone!

When I saw that the numbers for this meet would be 20+ it gave me the
idea to hold a raffle at the meet in order to raise much needed cash
for Edale MRT simply because there will be a lot of like minded
individuals all in one place. Well, I've have the feelers out and I
have recieved some fantastic donations. I propose that we hold a
raffle on the Saturday night of the meet, I'll be sure to get hold of
a book of raffle tickets ready for the meet and I'll be badgering you
all to buy tickets! You'll be in with a chance to win a fantasic prize
and of course all funds raised will be given directly to Edale MRT.
There may even be more than the prizes listed below but for now I have
had the following pledged to us:

Full set of Wild country classic rocks donated by the Outside shop

'An ocean away' and 'Solo' set of 2 books, both signed copies by
adventurer Dave Clarke, tells the story of a solo sailing across the
Atlantic and a few years later Dave repeated the voyage but this time
in a rowing boat! Dave is a climber too and will be at the meet.

'Fiva' - The tale of an epic adventure that went wrong, signed copy
donated by well known author/photographer Gordon Stainforth. (wouldn't mind winning this myself but I
guess that would be frowned upon pah!)

'The only genuine Jones' signed copy donated by UKC's own Alex Roddie
(Only a hill) Very well recieved fictional climbing thriller.

A voucher for a coaching session the the Manchester Climbing Centre
worth £40.00 donated by MCC, a fantastic prize that could boost your
ability and confidence!

Dave Clarke will be at the meet and Gordon and Alex may be if their diary allows so if you are lucky enough to win one of the books pledged then you'll be able to talk to the author and have it personally signed.
I must express a huge thank you to those that have donated so far, I'll make formal 'thank you' after the meet but for now I just want to say that this is hugely generous and charitble, thanks you guys :-D

I've a feeling the meet is going to be a huge success.

Paul & Jaala
Tony the Blade on 08 May 2013
In reply to blanchie14c:

Bloody do-gooders like you really get on my tits!*

I don't climb anywhere near Edale so I'm not bovvered about giving to EMRT... however, I would really really like to get my grubby paws on either the sailing books or Fiva (I already have a personally signed copy of TOGJ! so there)

I'm probably not gonna make the meet, and thought, hey get blanchie to open it up to all at UKC before the trip! That way you might get more peeps chipping in. (downside being I decrease the odds on getting hold of my books).

Also, is there any mileage in creating a justgiving page for this?

Just my tuppenceworth xx


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