/ Portes Du Soleil 11/8 - 25/8 urgent

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smelch on 04 Jul 2012 -
Hi, I recently organised a mountain biking trip based in Morzine for the fortnight of 11th august until the 25th. Had a group together, booked the accomodation, then everyone dropped out leaving me facing a large non-refundable amount of cash and potential bankruptcy.

So, this is open to bikers, walkers or climbers. The area is good for all of those.

It's looking to work out at around £305 per person for travel and apartment. Please bear in mind I am not making any profit on this, I am not a company, so I really can't do discounts or anything like that. This is purely struggling not to lose all my money and end up sat in an apartment on my own for 2 weeks.

The apartment can sleep 7, though I am aiming for a group of 5 as it's a single car load with a trailer.

I'll be driving from Edinburgh to Dover, so I can collect people anywhere along the way, and don't mind making diversions a bit further out.

So, £305 for a fortnight in the Alps, in the sun. On top of that price, if you need a liftpass for access to the whole of the Portes Du Soleil, it works out at £115 for a biking one, or about a euro a day for everyone else. On top of that is food and drink, which shouldn't be too much.

If you are interested, throw me a line at smelch[AT]hotmail[dot]


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