Roc-Bloc Cardiff - reopening 3rd May

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 Steve Mayers 29 Apr 2021

After our 'first grand opening' last November we couldn't be more excited to announce our reopening on 3rd May. An agonising 4 month lockdown!

Despite only being open for 3 weeks we had a fantastic reception and already a great community starting to form. We can't wait to see more people enjoying the centre and to watching the Roc-Bloc community grow.

If you haven't visited yet, Roc-Bloc is a modern and spacious bouldering gym in Cardiff featuring:

  • Lots of great climbing
  • Adjustable angle Kilter Board
  • Well equipped fitness gym
  • Loads of socialising space 
  • Brand new beginners/family area (opening end of May)
  • Huge fresh air system (to keep you cool and minimise risk of Covid transmission)
  • And finally of course great coffee!

Check out the fly through of the whole centre courtesy of our in-house videographer Ollie Axon Media.

 tobykeep 29 Apr 2021
In reply to Steve Mayers:

Wow Steve, that looks amazing! Great work!

 Steve Mayers 29 Apr 2021
In reply to tobykeep:

Thanks Toby!

 critter 22:06 Thu
In reply to Steve Mayers:

Great to see you've been continuing to work on the facility through lockdown!

Great place, friendly staff. I'm sure you'll go from strength to strength.

In reply to critter:

Thanks Critter! Made sense to do all that noisy building work during lockdown...

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