/ Sierra Leone needs your old shoes!

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Ed F - on 12 Jun 2018


Hi guys


8 months ago we moved to Sierra Leone with the aim of setting up the first proper climbing facility in the country (and indeed the whole of West Africa!)


Our prototype wall has been really successful and has captured the imagination of the local community here (We even have one local guy, Matthew, who is climbing about V6 after 10 sessions!!)


Over the next few months, our little climbing wall is going to be moving and expanding to a kids friendly venue. The idea is that we will be able to offer climbing sessions to classes of local primary school children in Freetown (as well as to adults)


What we really need for this to happen is some more climbing shoes - any sizes, but particularly the kids ones. 


If anyone has any old shoes that they wouldn't mind donating, we'd be happy to pay the postage to Sheffield where we can collect them in August.


Also useful would be chalkbags and climbing holds if anyone has any spares.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Ed and Sophie

Climb Salone

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Durbs on 13 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

I'll dig out some old chalk bags I've got in the garage. 

I assume shoes with holes in aren't really worth it?

L 3patallen - on 13 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

well done guys, beautiful country, great people. good luck with the project. 

mchardski - on 14 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

I wonder if anyone in chamonix area would be driving back Sheffield direction. I've 2 sets I could donate, but postage expensive and bad for environment. If so we could probably collect a whole bunch here.

doz on 14 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

got an unworn pair of tenayas size 43 you are welcome to- mail me with an address

tonypearson - on 15 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

Hi Ed and Sophy


My wife Ulla and I have a number of pairs of old boots we would be happy to donate. As my wife has very small feet - size 3- they would be pretty good for children. 

If you could give me your postal details we could arrange to send them to you.


It sounds like a great project!


Hope to hear from you



HakanT on 17 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

I've got a few pairs in the loft. DM me and address and I'll send them up to Sheffield.

Ed F - on 18 Jun 2018
In reply to all:

Thank you so much everyone - think I've now sent you all a DM

Graeme Alderson on 19 Jun 2018
In reply to Ed F:

Ed, come and talk to me at The Works, we can donate lots of stuff. I am away this week but arrange a pp in next week.

Brian Manton - on 09:05 Fri
In reply to Ed F:

Great.  Where do we take or send the shoes to in Sheffield? Brian

Graham T - on 11:19 Sat
In reply to Ed F:

I have got a bunch of shoes in the loft. If you can send me the address I will happily donate

hazeysunshine - on 13:54 Mon
In reply to Ed F:

I've a couple of pairs to donate, if you can send me an address or drop-off point in Sheffield.

Great initiative!

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