Signed books, postcards, a very rare signed photo

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premier post photo

Bonatti. Mont Blanc. Unsigned first in great condition. £67

Bonatti. On The Heights. Unsigned first in very good condition £57

Ed Caesar The Moth and the Mountain. Signed brand new £27

Chouinard Climbing Ice. First. Good condition £27

Mick Conefrey The Last Great Mountain. Brand new Signed £27

Leo Dickinson Filming the Impossible first, great condition  prev owners name. Signed by Leo £37

Matt Dickinson The Death Zone. First in great condition Signed dedication by Matt. Straight signature of Brian Blessed. £35

Dennis Gray. Tightrope. Special edition signed hardback. First. New. £57

Dennis Gray. Rope Boy. Signed first. Prev owners name and address. £48

Gray/Tightrope/unsigned new paperback. £15

Alan Hankinson. The First Tigers. Signed p/b £25

Dougal Haston In High Places 1st h/b signed by Chris Bonington  £27

Edmund Hillary. From the Ocean to the Sky first h/b great condition straight signed. £75

Alex Honnold. Alone on the Wall. First as new. £24

Jessica J Lee. Two Trees make a Forest. This years b/t winner. H/b 1st unsigned £22

Hamish MacInnes  Climb to the Lost World  signed by Hamish  great condition h/b first  £45

Bernadette McDonald  Winter 8000 signed cloth bound limited edition h/b £43

Reinhold Messner  All 14 Eight Thousanders. Unsigned, great condition h/b £39

Cathy O’Dowd Just for the Love of it. Cathy was the first woman to climb Everest from both sides. Signed first, brief dedication great condition h/b £27

Tom Patey. One Man’s Mountains. First unsigned, great condition h/b £29

Jim Perrin. Menlove. First h/b signed by Jim. £43

Jim Perrin. On and off The Rocks   Great condition h/b Signed by Jim and Chris Bonington  £29

Doug Scott  Up and About  brand new first h/b  signed by Scott, Bonington and Paul Braithwaite £49

Doug Scott  The Shishapangma Expedition first, as new h/b  signed by Doug and Paul Braithwaite £37

Peter Steele. Eric Shipton. Signed first h/b in great condition. Prev owners name written. £27

Ken Wilson Hard Rock. 2nd edition signed by Martin Boysen £49

Classic Rock. 2nd edition. Signed by Jim Perrin. £27 

Voices from the Summit signed by, Chris Bonington, Ed Douglas, Mick Fowler, Leo Houlding and Doug Scott 1st edition great condition £69

Don Whillans  Portrait of a Mountaineer  first in excellent condition  signed by Joe Brown  £75

Sujoy Das/Lisa Choegyal  Everest Reflections on the Solukhumbu  signed by Sujoy and Lisa for me in Katmandhu  Brand new and amazing ( mainly photographic book) £73

Postcard. -Annapurna South Face Expedition 1970 signed by Don Whillans, Dougal Haston, Nick Estcourt, Mick Burke, Martin Boysen, Chris Bonington, Mike Thompson, Kelvin Kent, Tom Frost and the stamp signature of Ian Clough  £215

Postcard. British Everest expedition 1972. Signed by Chris Bonington Jimmy Roberts Dave Bathgate
Mick Burke Nick Estcourt Dougal Haston Hamish MacInnes Doug Scott Barney Rosedale and Graham Tiso  only Kelvin Kent’s signature is missing   £135

Ed Hillary first edition Extreme Endeavours ltd edition set of 6 stamps on envelope  signed by Ed Hillary  £43

Last but not least  :-  A Signed Photograph taken by H W Tillman and signed on the back by him. I will include a photocopy of a handwritten letter by Tillman talking about the Crozet islands  This  photograph is either of the Crozet or Kerguelan islands. I’m looking for offers over £290 for this  extremely rare signature  

Please email me on “linda ”with any questions or if you wish to buy anything  As always all profits go to Community Action Nepal charity - for Doug  

 veteye 24 Jan 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

I've sent you an email Linda.

That's an amazing list of books etc.

I hope that you are getting out and not just eating cake and drinking tea.....



 Safaribrit 24 Jan 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Some real gems here Linda. Thanks for all your efforts for CAN. Hopefully collectors will pile in and make a contribution to a great cause in memory of Doug. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Now sold :-

Ed Caesar. The Moth and the Mountain

Ed Hillary. From the Ocean to the Sky

Hamish MacInnes. Climb to the Lost World 

Doug Scott. Up and About

Sujoy Das  Everest Reflections  

The Annapurna postcard is also sold. 
Thank you so much. 

Post edited at 17:44
In reply to Linda Orritt: Nice comments were posted on my last premium post selling books. As that has finished you may not have seen them. These 2 satisfied customers are happy for me to copy them on this post  rest assured I will make sure that anything bought from me, arrives at your house safely and will be refunded if not. 📚🙏😊

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Sold Menlove. Thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Sold. Ed Hillary signed first day cover stamps. Thank you. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

On and Off The Rocks

The Shishapangma Expedition 

Voices from the Summit 

The Last Great Mountain 

many thanks once again. 

 climb41 29 Jan 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hi Linda, book arrived today, thank you. Perfect copy, looking forward to reading it. 

Keep up the great work for CAN.

Refill of mezcal next time.

Thanks, G.

 llanberis36 29 Jan 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hi Linda

Yet again my book arrived quickly, very well packaged and as described

Very best of luck with your work for CAN


In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hard Rock Ken Wilson Sold

In High Places Dougal Haston Sold

Thank you again. 

 climb41 01 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hi Linda, any chance of an edited list with whats’s left? Thanks. 

In reply to climb41:


Messner     All 14 8000’s

Cathy O’Dowd    Just for the Love of It

Tom Patey    One Mans Mountains  ( rare this one)

Peter Steele Eric Shipton

Classic Rock

Don Whillans     Portrait of a Mountaineer 

 Bonatti Mont Blanc and On The Heights

Chouinard    Climbing Ice

Leo Dickinson    Filming the Impossible 

Matt Dickinson     The Death Zone

The Dennis Gray ones both h/b and p/b 

Alan Hankinson   The First Tigers

Jess Lee    Two Trees make a Forest

Bernadette McDonald   Winter 8000

The Everest post card with signatures such as Dougal Haston and Nick Estcourt (I’m happy to reduce this to £110.)

Also I have another Up and About Doug Scott. Signed by Doug and I can also get Paul to sign it £45

Adding :-

Extreme Alpine Rock at £110. Nice copy too. 

The Wall. Alexander and Thomas Huber £25

and Everest Goddess of the Wind. Signed by:-

Chris Bonington , Alan Hinkes, John Porter, Martin Boysen, Paul Braithwaite, and Hamish MacInnes thats £75.

Happy Shopping - I will put more on next week to make full use of this premium post. Please keep looking and email me if you’re after anything in particular? 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Chouinard Climbing Ice is sold. 
thank you again. 

 andi turner 05 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:


If classic rock is still available, I'd take it.



In reply to andi turner:

Hi Andi Yes it is. I’ve messaged you. 
thank you

In reply to Linda Orritt:

I have made a mistake with the Tom Patey book as it’s a fifth impression. It is however in lovely condition and still a great read. 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Ordered Chouinard's Climbing Ice. Book arrived really quickly and is in great condition. Thanks Linda

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Classic Rock now sold. Thank you

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Sold. The 1972 Everest expedition postcard

Sold. The rare signed Tillman photograph 

Thank you. 

 andi turner 12 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

I received this yesterday and it's absolutely fantastic. Perfect condition, and packaged expertly. Thank you.

 Gary Gibson 12 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Did you manage to auction mine off? Got some others as well atm

In reply to Gary Gibson:

yes I did thanks Gary. Plus Mike gave me his to sell. Hope you’re well. 

 Gary Gibson 13 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt: yes fine thanks, just recovering from a stroke! Got some other books for your charity when we can meet up?

In reply to Linda Orritt:

There are a few books still available and this post will expire at weekend-happy to take a little less for some of them so long as they still make a little  for Community Action Nepal. Email me with any questions/requests please. 

 Offwidth 19 Feb 2021
In reply to Linda Orritt:

Hi Linda

Is the Cathy O-Dowd book still unsold?

In reply to Offwidth:

Yes it’s still available. Thanks 

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Cathy O’Dowd now sold. Thank you

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Last minute mad sale prices! 
Walter Bonatti. Mont Blanc reduced to £45

Matt Dickinson signed The Death Zone £25

Leo Dickinson Filming the Impossible signed £30

In reply to Linda Orritt:

Just wanted to thank everybody who has bought books and cards from me. Community Action Nepal and myself really appreciate every single £1 spent   Thank you. 

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