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Nik Jennings - on 05 Aug 2012
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13th-20th October


Seven days in Costa Blanca clipping bolts in the warmth of the Spanish winter sun. From the moment I collect you from the airport until I return you to the airport 7 days later I will focus on providing you with a total sport climbing holiday experience. You will be accommodated in a spacious, comfortable and well-appointed villa. Each day I will provide breakfast before transporting you to one of several excellent sport climbing venues. At the crag I will help you select appropriate routes and provide coaching to enable you to achieve your goals (I’ll also give you lunch). This is an opportunity to improve your climbing in a supportive, positive and focussed environment.

-Airport transfers from and to Alicante airport.
-Transport to and from climbing venues
-Performance coaching with Nik Jennings
-An individual written coaching summary and action plan
-Ropes, quickdraws, clip-stick and belay devices can be provided
Not included:
-Flights to Alicante airport
-Evening meal
-Travel/climbing insurance

This trip is for anybody who wants to improve their standard of climbing in a fun, supportive and positive environment. Getting better at climbing requires effort so you will need to have a drive to improve and a willingness to push yourself, if you have this then I can provide everything else to help you achieve your goals. There is no lower grade limit (or indeed upper grade limit), if you think you would benefit from some coaching and you fancy a bit of Winter sun then this is the trip for you.
Having said that this is NOT an "introduction to climbing" trip for absolute beginners, but as long as you can put a harness on, tie-in, belay competently and have enthusiasm then you'll be fine.

For further details or to book a place simply email Nik ( or call/text 07912678131

Feedback from the previous Spain trips:
"Gotta say I am still on a high from the trip, it was really good, thanks for all your efforts." - Rachel

" I got the confidence to push myself as hard as I possibly could. I got the rewards due to the encouragement and advice received espcially when my confidence started to drop. Since the coaching session I am climbing with more belief in my self and the rewards have been huge." - Luke D

"For me, the main benefit of the coaching was that it demonstrated what I was capable of under optimum conditions. Good venues, route beta, and the cultivation of a general enthusiasm for pushing redpoints, led to my best ever haul of routes. Specific criticisms of my technique were (brutally) accurate and useful. Nik's porridge making skills might also have played a vital role! I left the coaching with useful advice on technique and tactics and a genuine expectation of making significant progress in the year ahead." - Luke W

"The accommodation was really nice, and Nik was great at looking after us and making our holiday as stress-free as possible. He was very receptive to the group's views on what kind of climbing they wanted to do, and was great at encouraging and talking us up routes." - Zeyn

" I enjoyed the laid back nature of the week, the banter and the atmosphere of encouragement across the group. Was a really fun week... ...I was very pleased with my final redpoint of 7b, which was above what i had dared hope for." - Nick

Recent Coaching Feedback:
"The technical issue for me has been learning how to get more from my feet by using my hips more effectively. However, I feel I have benefited greatly by being 'put on' much harder problems and encouraged in a way that has helped me to begin to believe that I can do them. I have had a couple bouldering sessions since the course and can feel the difference." - Ian

"I went into the session with an idea of what I thought I needed to do to improve but came away with a much better understanding of how I can improve. The most useful aspect of the session was the confidence and inspiration it has given me to try harder routes." - Steve

"Prior to the coaching I was too dependent upon my upper body strength and now after one session I understand a lot more about how to use my lower body to create stability and tension allowing me to apply control to a previously unstable position along with how to use my lower body for power rather than just tiring my arms out. During the coaching we were able to piece together a problem that previously I had not even been able to make the first move on, this was very confidence inspiring." - Mark

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