Stanner's 630 mile Air Ambulance challenge!

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 Stanners 11:36 Fri

Hello UKC! 

I'm Rob (Stanners), an obsessed trad climber and Bristol based Paramedic! In my February annual leave I've decided to raise money for our Great West Air Ambulance Charity to keep the incredible boys/girls and their life-saving helicopter in the air!

The air ambulance are saving lives and supporting us road paramedics every day bringing critical care to the roadside. They heavily rely on charity donations to keep airborne..and that's where I hope you can come in!

I will be running/walking/crawling the South West Coast Path in February

Fundraising for Great Western Air Ambulance Charity (I might need them)

Averaging a marathon every day for 24 days (mostly dark/cold/wind/rain) 

Elevation - 35,000 meters/115,000ft - 4 x the height of Everest 

150,000 calories (some of it not cake)

Sleeping under a sheet outside (technically it’s a ‘bivi’)

Please visit my fundraising page for this big winter challenge!

Please donate whatever you can spare, but I thought a fun suggestion might be 1p a mile to make a £6.30 donation! Please use gift aid if you can!

In reply to Stanners:

Done 🙂👍

 FranC 20:00 Sun
In reply to Stanners:

Also done. Best of luck! I really like running but don't envy you!

 Stanners 21:06 Sun
In reply to deacondeacon:

Thank you so much deacon for your generosity! Massively appreciate you donating! Have a superb start to 2022, happy climbing! 

 Stanners 21:07 Sun
In reply to FranC:

Thank you FranC, I'm very very grateful for your kind support! Have a fantastic years climbing

 Stanners 21:09 Sun

Thanks so much to everyone who has kindly taken their time and hard earned money to donate to our air ambulance so far your help is eternally appreciated by so many people who literally have their lives depend on the service!

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