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BMC Office - on 16 Jul 2014
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Get a digital dose of mountain inspiration, injected straight to your tablet or phone with our new Summit Extra: Alpine Edition.

To celebrate the launch of our tasty new Summit app, we’ve created a special edition of the magazine, called Summit Extra: Alpine Edition.

Packed full of alpine climbing and walking articles from recent issues, Summit Extra: Alpine Edition is free to download for all BMC members, or just £2.99 to non-members.


To download the Summit app (for iOS and Android). Search for “BMC Summit” in the app stores or follow these links:

Download the Summit app in iTunes

Download the Summit app in Google Play

Click on MEMBER LOGIN at the bottom right of the welcome screen.

The username is your BMC-registered email
The password is your membership number.

Not got an iOS or Android device?
View it in your browser instead

For more information about the Summit app go to
Iain(2010) on 25 Jul 2014
In reply to BMC Office:

Would prefer ink on paper, which won't do my eyes in staring at a screen?
estivoautumnal - on 27 Jul 2014
In reply to Iain(2010):

Erm, print it out then.
Raymondo - on 29 Jul 2014

This would occupy a prime position on my coffee table, as a high gloss, stapled, highly professional magazine, with such a cover as to lure the non climber (alpinist) to pick it up and flick through the pages whilst talking over the top of the magazine, unable to take their eyes off the splendid photographs within, whilst still conversing.

What !
Electronic Only !
D'oh !!!

Spirit of the age, I guess.

I could print (at work of course) a copy and place on said coffee table,
a) would be a cheap and nasty version
b) I'm not a member of BMC, so can not access it
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BMC Office - on 29 Jul 2014
In reply to Raymondo:

If you joined the BMC (£14.97 Direct Debit), then we'll send you four glossy issues of Summit each year, which will definitely help your coffee table.
Raymondo - on 01 Aug 2014
In reply to BMC Office:

Duly noted....

...but a glossy hard copy Alpine Special Issue would sit on top of the four "run of the mill" issues. (On my coffee table at least).

What I am saying is.... a special issue is *special*.

I still have a few Newsweek Special Issues, but have not kept any of the 52 times a year weekly issues.

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