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The Climbers Shop - on 21 May 2013
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The Climbers Shop are holding a tent event on Saturday 15th June along with Swedish Tent supremo’s Hilleberg, with a plan to pitch and display the majority of tents in their range.

The show will be at the Ambleside Lodge Hotel and will run right through the day, with a representative from the company to talk you through every detail of every tent.

As part of the entry to the show we’ll be offering a chance to win a Hilleberg Akto tent in a free to enter draw, and there’ll also be the chance to sample various camping foods and to check out a range of camping stoves, both gas, petrol and the new Biolite Stove, which runs on Bio-mass (twigs, grass, pinecones, dried peat etc) and also charges your phone.

If you need any other details of the tent show just email us at or call us on 015394 30122. You can also subscribe to our Twitter or Facebook page for updates as they are finalised.
veteye on 30 May 2013
In reply to The Climbers Shop:
So is there an app to download which tells you how much you have saved on buying stove fuel or gas to heat your packet soup by using twigs and moss etc?Does the app also tell how much CO2 you have produced as well?
Can you use dried sheep or yak dung as fuel?

The Climbers Shop - on 03 Jun 2013
In reply to veteye:
Not sure there's an app, but it'll defo work on any old dry poo. Maybe there'll be an app in the future you can just stick your pan onto - a cooker app.
sbc_10 - on 14 Jun 2013
In reply to The Climbers Shop:

Hi there, will you be displaying the Soulo tent?
I have an interest in buying one at some stage and would love to see an example for the size etc..



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