/ the definitive climbing wagon: VW passat for sale

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crabby1 - on 06 Jun 2013
I am selling my trusty Passat - had it since 2005 and it's been maintained regardless of cost. 1999 manufacture, one previous owner. It has the bombproof 1.9 tdi engine, which has had all the necessary oil services etc, all by VAG agents. Full service history. Recently had alternator pulley-clutch and rollbar bushings. All cambelt intervals observed. Only reason for sale is that I fancy a Jetta and we already have a Touran for big loads, and the VAG garage has just found me a good Jetta. Silver, unmarked black interior, non-smokers, essentially immaculate car. Climate control, although if we don't use aircon and keep to sensible speeds I can get over 600 miles on a single tank. No oil needed between annual services so turbo etc in fine order. Keeping to the proper oil intervals and using 5W40 grade (it's on a mileage schedule not the flexible service schedule) really keeps the engine and turbo in best order. 117,000 miles so very low miles for age, and almost all miles on long distance, used as a second car since we got the Touran. No towbar, so unstressed, and essentially hauled skiing and climbing gear. Roofbars. MOT and tax until November. Excellent high quality tyres all round, brakes and discs in excellent order. Much loved car which has been tended carefully. Looking for 1,000 gbp. Located Cambridge. Can text me on 0770 250 5256 and I can email any pictures.
crabby1 - on 06 Jun 2013
er...rather stupidly didn't make it clear that this is a Passat Estate - it is, so there we are....
franksnb - on 07 Jun 2013
In reply to crabby1: £1000? that's a bargain. I have a similar passat and can confirm that 50+mpg is normal on long hauls(in my case at 90mph!).
crabby1 - on 07 Jun 2013
In reply to franksnb: thanks for the endorsement - I took a good hard look at what prices these were going for and thought that it would be right to make sure that a member of the climbing community got a dependable car. So I priced it down to make sure it goes to a good home.
hun - on 08 Jun 2013
In reply to crabby1: hi there, I am very interested. Please email or call 07576546170 to discuss. Thank you
murphy on 08 Jun 2013 -
In reply to hun: Y.h.m
Ally Smith on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to crabby1:

Another endorsement. I've a 1.9tdi Golf; Bombproof engine. Real shame it's not made anymore (Euro 5 emissions regulations meant the unit injector technology used in these lumps is no longer viable with the particulate filters needed to reach the tighter emissions specs)
crabby1 - on 09 Jun 2013
In reply to C Chestwig; Treacherous climber: many thanks - guess who put too low a price on this car? ... had a torrent of interest. So...low point of morning is dawning recognition that I have stuck a fork in my own leg ... but high point ... car is going to a good home ... and ... even better ...Conrad Anker is on R4 (old hippy...) ... day is looking up!
peckster - on 11 Jun 2013
In reply to crabby1: I'm also interested in the car if it hasn't already sold, could i see some pictures please - many thanks, Steven.
crabby1 - on 14 Jun 2013
In reply to peckster: OK all ... have now waved goodbye to Passat and wiped tears both from my eyes and my seven year old as it went down the road; but it's gone to a good home and so is now SOLD

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