/ FS: Various ice screws, boots, harness, etc

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Mike Dudley - on 14 Nov 2016
premier post photo
Hi all,

Having a clear out of unused kit. All prices exclude P&P - postage will obviously vary by item. Will post out by 2nd Class recorded or free collection in Sheffield S8.


All of the following are older versions of their respective models – see photo. Will post with a rubber or hard Grivel cap on each one.

1. Grivel 360, 22 cm. Yellow handle. Excellent condition. £25. [Note: Curiously, Grivel describe this screw as 20cm but it is in fact 22cm across the whole length of the screw, ie. how other manufacturers and how Grivel themselves measure other screws.]
2. BD Express, 19cm. Purple handle. Good condition, been sharpened a couple times but only lost 1mm in length. £20.
3. 2x Grivel Helix, 16cm. Black handle. Excellent condition. £20 each. [The Helix can be a little awkward to rack but places faster than any other screw I've used.]
4. 2x Grivel 360, 16cm. Black handle. One in excellent condition, the other has touched rock a couple times and could do with a sharpen but still in good condition. £20 each.
5. 2x Grivel 360, 12 cm. Red handle. Both well used and could do with a quick sharpen, but in good condition. £20 each. [I personally think the foldable handle is really useful on a stubby screw as you can get it into places where a larger hanger wouldn’t allow.]


6. Boreal Lynx, size 42 / 8. In pretty much as-new condition. Worn once outside for maybe two problems before realising I made a schoolboy error when buying online and had assumed that sizes would transfer ascross models…. Feels tight for an 8 to me, but a great technical-but-soft shoe. Check out Rob Greenwood’s review on here. £55.
7. Scarpa Cumbre, size 43 / 9. Well used but okay condition - loads of life left in them. They look more weathered in the photo than they are in reality because I used to treat the leather parts with Nikwax which gives it a bit of faded appearance. £50.
8. Scarpa Freney XT, size 42 / 8. These are pretty battered but fully functional and could suit someone on a budget looking to try out alpine climbing (or Scottish winter with some good socks!). Seams were seam-sealed years ago which has begun to peel off, and soles are pretty worn, but some life left in them. £15?


9. DMM Renegade 2 harness. Size Medium. New, unused. £45.
10. Blue Ice Boa Leashes. One red, one blue, as in pic. New, unused. £10.
11. Camp Tricam, white / size 0.125. Carried on harness a fair few times but never placed (probably thankfully!) so in excellent condition. £8.


12. Gaiters: Rab Ultar, size Large. In almost as-new condition. £10.
13. Jacket: Rab Baltoro Alpine softshell, size Medium. Used but good condition (no holes or scuffs or the like). Very stretchy with a good hood, just don’t wear it much these days. Dark green / grey in colour. £30.
14. Mozzy net: A large net with a wooden spreader designed to be hung over a bed / sleeping area. Made by Darr Expeditions. Used. £5.
15. Map: Antarctic Peninsula & Weddell Sea, by BAS. £3.
16. Ski guide: Mont Blanc Freeride. An English / French / Italian guide to 48 selected freerides / ski tours in the Chamonix & Courmayeur areas. Excellent condition. £10.
17. Sport guide: Mistral 2 – Sudfrankreich Ost. Selected sport climbs in SE France (incl Calanques, Orpierre, Ceuse etc). German. £5.
18. Book: Preposterous Tales, by Tim Emmett & Neil Gresham. As-new cond. Signed in front by Tim. A good Xmas present? £7.

Happy to email extra photos if requested. Payment via Paypal preferred.

Thanks for looking,

crookachili - on 15 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:
I might be interested in one of your 12cm 360s, could toy email a closeup? Also the Boas.
Cheers Reuben
purkle - on 16 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

If I take the tricam and the book would you chuck in the map for free? ;) Plus what's a rough idea of postage for these, 2nd class non-recorded is fine..
JayPee630 - on 16 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Messaged you about Rab softshell.
Mike Dudley - on 16 Nov 2016
In reply to crookachili:

Sure, I'll send you a pic this evening.

In reply to purkle:

Alright go on then! :D I reckon postage would be £5-6 at a guess. Happy to call it a fiver if you like? Or I can package up and weigh at the post office if you prefer? Drop me a PM and we can sort.

In reply to JayPee630:

Sorry dude, Rab softshell has gone (but only just had chance to get onto UKC and update).
Mike Dudley - on 16 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

UPDATE. The following has gone:

13. Rab Softshell
11. Tricam (pending)
15. Map (pending)
18. Book (pending)

Interest shown in numerous screws, Boa leashes & gaiters, but will update once/if gone.

Everything else still available.

Cheers, Mike
Mike Dudley - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

12. Gaiters - now gone.
purkle - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Hey mike, I have emailed a couple times, are you receiving? ;)
purkle - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Regrettably I won't be able to take the tricam, book & map (GUTTED) but bank manager had a heart attack.. really sorry.
Mike Dudley - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to purkle:

Hi Lauren. Sorry, your email(s) got caught up in hotmail's too-efficient junk folder!! No worries about pulling out. I'm willing to put them aside for you (for as long as you need really, I'm in no particular hurry) if you prefer?
bodovix on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Mike Dudley - on 17 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

All ice screws now gone. (Except one 12 cm 360 and one 16cm Helix which I'm keeping reserved for Francis in case he wants them....)
purkle - on 18 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Thanks that's really kind of you but tbh it looks like I'm not going to have money for the foreseeable future & as I'm self employed that probably won't change for some time. So I'll just leave it but thanks very much anyway
Mike Dudley - on 18 Nov 2016
In reply to purkle:

No probs
acer2012 - on 20 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Very interested in the Scarpa Cumbre boots, e-mail sent.
Mike Dudley - on 21 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

15. Map - GONE
10. Boa Leashes - Reserved (for Reuben)
7. Cumbre Boots - Reserved (for acer2012)
18. Book - Reserved (for jimbocz)

The following is still available:

6. Boreal Lynx shoes. Will accept £50.
8. Freney Boots. Alright, anyone want these for free?! Collection in Sheffield.
9. DMM harness.
11. Tricam.
14. Mozzy net.
16. Chamonix off piste guide.
17. SE France bolted guide.

Deezel65 - on 24 Nov 2016
In reply to MS

Hi Mike, where abouts in Sheff are you? If not too far out, i wouldn't mind taking the Freney's if you're happy to give em away, as hoping to drag a friend out for some winter stuff this year, but he's being reluctant to shell out for some boots! Cheers, Ross
Mike Dudley - on 24 Nov 2016
In reply to Deezel65:

Hi Ross,
No worries, your mate can have them for free - how about he just drops a fiver in an MRT box some time.
I'm in S8 though happy to bring to Works or AW one time if you frequent those and it's easier for you. If you drop me a message then we can tie something down.
Deezel65 - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Sounds like a deal Mike, I'm in Barnsley, but work in Sheffield on a Wednesday so can call round after work, or I'm gonna be at AW all day Monday doing my CWA assessment - so if that's any good I can hang around after? Cheers. Ross
Mike Dudley - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to Deezel65:

Dropped you a message Ross.
acer2012 - on 25 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

Cumbria boots arrived today, condition better than expected and a good deal on postage. Very happy.
bodovix on 26 Nov 2016
In reply to MSD:

yhm - Scarpa Freney boots

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