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Axel Smeets - on 28 May 2017
Hi folks. I'm selling a few items to make space for the pending arrival of a small human.

Rab Expedition Salopettes - size Medium. Bought for £240 two years ago. Only worn for 11 hours on a recent expedition. Unfortunately, during this 11 hours, I managed to put two small (less than one inch in length) crampon tears into the lower left leg (around shin height). These are easily repairable - rather than do it myself I will leave it to the buyer to decide how best to remedy the fault (patch or sew - your choice) There has been no loss of down as a result of these tears. The rest of the product is in perfect condition. I'm 6ft 1, with a 33 inch waist and they are perfectly fitted with an 8000m boot. £110 delivered.

PHD Xero Down Jacket - size Large. I bought this in 2016 for £350 (second hand). It had been barely used by the previous owner. I washed it as per the PHD website and it came up like new. Fantastic loft. I wore this jacket for 11 hours on a 2016 expedition. No visible defects, lofts beautifully and is immensely warm. This is the jacket I am wearing in my profile picture. £527 brand new. Looking for £250 delivered.

Mountain Equipment Starlight IV Sleeping Bag. Some website blurb......The Mountain Equipment Starlight IV is a highly insulated and durable 4+ season synthetic bag which provides weatherproof warmth and great value for money. The Starlight IV is the warmest bag in the Starlight Range and is suitable for all year round UK use even in the toughest Scottish winter conditions. This is a great choice of bag for snow-holing and winter bivis making it popular amongst winter mountaineers and ski-tourers. Rated to -15c. This bag has been used on 8 occasions (always with a liner) and is in perfect condition. Cheapest I can find it on the internet is £117. Selling for £75 delivered.

Macpac Glissade (blue, size 2) rucksack. Volume is 75 litres. The bag is in good condition with no rips or tears. The bag is about seven years old but still looks great. These things go on for ever apparently. It looks like the one here This is a discontinued line, but they used to retail for around £200. User reviews here Selling for £60 delivered.

Additional pictures are available on request. I live just outside Sheffield if anyone wants to come and see the items. Any questions, happy to respond on here or via email.

Thanks for looking.
Axel Smeets - on 25 Jun 2017
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Will listen to offers....
11ii11 - on 12 Aug 2017
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Hello Axel,

Is the macpac still available? If so could you take a few pictures, more importantly of the seems and details?


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