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Mike Dudley - on 23 Dec 2012
Hi. So after moving house and deciding to pare down my worldly possessions, I've got lots of various items for sale. All prices include P&P. Happy to answer any questions or send photos (though I'll be in Lakes sans internet over New Yr).


1. Arcteryx X350a harness (medium) - £60. Grey/black. vgc, had relatively little use (bought as a replacement after easyJet lost a bag en route to a trip). Slight 'rippling' to one of the leg elastics but otherwise in excellent nick.

2. DMM Atlas harness (large) - £10. Black/purple. Basic harness with adjustble leg loops (I used to use it as a winter harness as you could completely undo all the buckles). About 8 yrs old. Well used but no signs of undue wear.

3. DMM Alien ice axe (adze) - The old school purple one with a kinked shaft. Well used with numerous scratches/dents but only cosmetic. Lower shaft is taped with orange squash tape. Only the one tool and quite heavy by todays standards but may be of use to someone? (The diameter of the shaft makes it comfortable to train with). With leash. £18 (due to P&P).

4. Rab Ultar gaiters (large) - Black. Barely used, vgc. £16.

5. Scarpa Freney XT boots (42) - lightweight B3 boots. These are excellent boots and I'm only forced to sell because my arches collapsed some a couple years ago and they don't fit anymore. They're in a very well used condition, with heavy wear but still have some life left in them. Perhaps suitable for someone that wants to give alpine or scottish winter a go without committing themselves financially too much? Can send photos if anyone's interested. £25?

6. Moon Cypher Pants - For pants read trousers! Dark green. Classic cotton trousers cut for climbing. Excellent condition, barely worn. £30.

7. Marmot Alpinist waterproof jacket (medium) - Blue/black. This was an unbeatable jacket when I bought it in 2004 but its seen a hell alot of (ab)use since then so I can really only describe it as reasonable condition for its age. Excellent cut & features for climbing but it needs a respray or two and new wire in hood at the least. Can send photos of condition if anyones interested. £30?

8. Thermarest - About 12 yrs old but still perfectly functional. One 'blister' at foot end but no leaks. One repair which has always held. Brown/green. Given its age it's abit more classic rectangle than ones today. It's 3/4 size and extra thick (for cold bivis...). No stuff sack. £12.

9. Camp Hexes - Of the old variety! 1x size 6 and 2x size 8. Very retro but still excellent for winter routes. They were rethreaded a few years ago with new rope hence I'm willing to sell them as perfectly functional. £12 for the three.

10. HB Quadcam Cams - Sizes 1/2 (yellow), 0 (orange), 1 (green). Cams of the single trigger finger type. Given these aren't in production anymore they must be at least 10+ yrs old but are in excellent condition. They were very well made cams and have only had light use, just sitting on my rack in case doubling or trippling up on sizes was needed. I can measure their range if anyone wants to know. £23 for the three.

11. Walsh fellrunning shoes (42) - The blue & yellow classics. They've been around a while now but these are still well regarded shoes. This pair is in good condition, only used for a couple long events (sadly they are slightly too tight these days). £20.

12. Balaclava - basic full-face balaclava of wool-type material. One hole for mouth, second for eyes. Often been out on hill in winter in bottom of rucksack but never deployed in anger. £3.

13. Mosquito net - by 'Darr Expeditions'. Single person, needs a hanging point. Comes in a small, oblong bag with a wooden spreader. Bought about 11 years ago but used only once or twice and no holes in netting. £10.

14. Eagle Claw hand exerciser - a little frame with 5 springs you put your fingers through, quite stiff resistance. £7.

15. Pair of old-style Petzl Nomics - on eBay - Item No 130824415284.

16. Montane Extreme Smock - on eBay - Item No 130824426101.

As I said, any questions or photos needed let me know. Payment is to be by Paypal, to muttlers90 at hotmail dot com.

I also have various guidebook/maps for sale but I've had to put in a seperate post due to the length of the list so please feel free to check that out too!



Mike Dudley - on 23 Dec 2012
No 5 (Freneys) provisionally sold.
kossie on 24 Dec 2012
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: Hi. I'll take Item#10 - three HB cams.
Cld u send a photo? (measurements not necessary).
And can then paypal - pls msg me yr email/Paypal address.
Mike Dudley - on 24 Dec 2012
In reply to kossie: Hi Kossie, happy to send photo but can't do it via the UKC messaging - drop me an email to "muttlers90 at hotmail dot com" and I'll reply with a pic. That email is the same one as for Paypal too. Cheers, Mike
Mike Dudley - on 24 Dec 2012
#3 (Alien) and #9 (Hexes) - now sold.
Mike Dudley - on 24 Dec 2012
#1 (Arcteryx harness) now gone.
Blackbirdnest on 26 Dec 2012 - whois?
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: Have sent PM
Mike Dudley - on 26 Dec 2012
In reply to kossie:
Kossie, don't Paypal me mate. I never heard back from you re cams so I've accepted an offer from Blackbirdnest for them.
sleeplessjb - on 26 Dec 2012
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: what size are the moon trousers... ? If they're a large ill take them...
Blackbirdnest on 26 Dec 2012 - whois?
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: have sent payment for item 10. The cams. My address has been sent via PM. thank you Happy New Year
Mike Dudley - on 26 Dec 2012
In reply to sleeplessjb: They're Medium I'm fraid!
Mike Dudley - on 26 Dec 2012
#10 (Quadcams) now sold.
Mike Dudley - on 27 Dec 2012
Hi all. Just about to disappear out of internet access for new yr but will check this again on 2nd. Cheers, Happy New Year!
berry6717 on 28 Dec 2012
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: Hi

Any chance you could send me photos of both the Scarpa Freney XT's and the Alien Ice Axe to sjb221 AT

Many Thanks

Blackbirdnest on 29 Dec 2012 - whois?
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: #10 Quadcams arrived. In great condition with fast postage. Happy new year. John
stevedude888 - on 01 Jan 2013
In reply to YeOldeMuttley: Would you do the Cypher pants for £25?
Mike Dudley - on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to berry6717:
Hi Simon. Have sent photos and PM'd you. Cheers.

In reply to stevedude888: yhm.
Mike Dudley - on 02 Jan 2013
In reply to YeOldeMuttley:

Hey all. I'm currently trying to get this Premier Post deleted as I'm off to europe tomorrow and won't be able to follow it. But if anyone desperately wants anything remaining then drop me a PM and I'll action on my return in couple weeks. Cheers, happy climbing in 2013.

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