/ FS: Vauxhall Combo minivan £1,500

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Misha - on 11 Oct 2017
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Vauxhall Combo minivan for sale following an upgrade to a larger van.

Only £1,500 - ideal for a first van.

It has a basic sleeping deck conversion in the back with plenty of storage space underneath, so ideal for weekends and short breaks. Will easily fit a couple of bouldering pads and a couple of large duffel bags under the sleeping deck. It’s also ply lined and insulated, so pretty warm.

1.3 litre diesel. Road tax £240 a year. Car derived van so has the same speed limits as a car.

Good points:

11 months MOT left. Also had a service (oil change etc) early September.
Relatively low mileage for its age – 78,500 miles, 54 plate
Decent fuel economy if you stick to 60mph – not much worse than the diesel Ford Focus I used to have
Bodywork in decent condition with little rust
Tyres all 6 or 7 mm
Had a fair few parts replaced over the past 18 months, some by the previous owner and some by me, including:
Clutch, slave cylinger and flywheel
EGR valve
Inlet manifold
Two fuel injectors (out of four)
Fuel pump
Timing chain
Front drop links
Track rod end
Head gasket
Radiator hose
Exhaust silencer
Comes with two spare front bulbs plus a spare bulb kit
Also comes with a silver foil type windscreen shield – not cut to size but covers most of the windscreen

As far as not so good points are concerned, the service identified a few things that would need attending to over the next 12 months. None are big jobs individually and they shouldn’t all need doing at once.

Starter motor sticks sometimes so will need replacing at some point
Small radiator leak so need to keen an eye on the coolant level and will need replacing at some point
Rear brake pads getting fairly worn
Oil leak but not dramatic
Oil filter housing cracked – was advised to replace at the next service

The van is in Birmingham, where I live.

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