/ Vertical Mile Climbing Challenge in aid of CANCER RESEARCH

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dominic o - on 07 Jul 2013
I plan to climb a vertical mile of rock in 24hrs to raise funds for cancer research and care at The Christie and for Climbers Against Cancer.

I will be climbing solo on a number of Peak gritstone crags and clocking up something like 200 routes (unless weather dictates a retreat indoors).

To find out more and to support these great causes visit

If you want to follow progress on "D-Day" (likely sometime around 14/15/16 August) then keep an eye on The Rucksack Club Blog: or drop me an email to and I'll send you a link.


MarketBoy - on 19 Jul 2013
In reply to dominic o:
Good luck mate. A friend and I did this at Hatfield climbing wall a few years back. Took 8 hours for us to do a mile each (133 x 12m routes). My arms were still pumped and pulsating over 24 hours later.
dominic o - on 22 Jul 2013
In reply to MarketBoy:

cheers - that sounds like a pretty decent pace. I did a half-mile recce trip to Windgather and Castle Naze recently (85 routes) in about 4 hours.

Currently in the Alps (seeking high shady crags!) And planning my attempt for return in mid August. I'll keep you posted.

pork pie girl - on 06 Aug 2013
In reply to dominic o: good luck Dominic.. brilliant reason to do it

dominic o - on 28 Aug 2013
In reply to dominic o:

Just a quick note to say a huge Thank You to everyone who has supported my Mile Climb Challenge in aid of Cancer Research at The Christie. I successfully completed the Challenge last week with just a few aches and pains (and no broken bones!) – 164 routes on Hobson Moor, Windgather, Castle Naze, The Roaches and Burbage North and about 25m over the mile marker. You’ll find some more details and a few pictures at

Thanks to everyone’s generosity we’ve already raised over £3,000 for this great cause – I’ve been really overwhelmed with the support and the kind words.

Brilliant! Of course, the page is still open at

Many thanks again!



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