/ VW T5 campervan

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ods 20 Aug 2019
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VW T5 2012 1.9TDi T28 panel van (converted and ready to be re-registered as a motor caravan-meets the standards required) 

109000genuine miles, 8months MOT.

Tyres in good condition runs really well. Electric windows, power steering, sliding door, has Bluetooth connection fitted, remote central locking. 

Camper conversion specs:

Fully lined, insulated and sound proofed.

Non slip heavy duty flooring.

Blackened out side windows.

SMEV 9222 combi sink cooker with Fresh and waste water tanks with 12v pump. 

leisure battery with split relay charging system and with a 240v hookup and smart charger. Easily accessible 240v mains RCD trip box. 240v leisure battery charger (charges whilst connected to hookup, or alternatively charges the leisure battery whilst the engine is running).

USB and cigarette charger panel with switches for lights, fridge, running water pump.

Twin 240v mains plug socket faceplate.

Lots of storage space, all made from lightweight ply and tambour doors. (Cupboard doors to be fitted) more pictures to follow)

M1 pull tested Rock n roll bed with rear seat belts. With certificate for insurance proof. 

Stow away table. 

Roof rails.

Units are ready to be painted/varnished to suit individual wishes. 

There isn’t another van to this specification and standard for this cheap online. 

£16000 but open to sensible offers.

Darron 25 Aug 2019
In reply to ods:

Sounds great. One point - the DVLA will not re register as a campervan if the table is stowaway. Has to be a method of permanently fixing. Bonkers but there we are.

Alex Riley 26 Aug 2019
In reply to Darron:

Yes they will, it has to be fixed when out, but can be removable.

Darron 26 Aug 2019
In reply to Alex Riley:

Yes, that’s true Alex. As long as there is a permanent fixing on the floor you are good. You have probably guessed I fell foul of this rule (which is mandated by the Deptof Transport by the way not DVLA, they just administer).

In reply to Darron:

It just has to have a fixed point - that doesn't need to be on the floor:


The one I have attaches to a rail which is permanently fixed to the cupboard/kitchen unit but doesn't fix to the floor.  The DVLA were fine with this and it looks from the photos of the OP's van that he/she may have a similar system in their van.  

As long as it's got a point of attachment and isn't completely loose it'll be fine.  

kevin stephens 28 Aug 2019
In reply to raliadsa skcalbwah:

Beware the DVLA have recently and unilaterally moved the goal posts on registering campervans, basically even if you meet all the regs for inside the van, if in their opinion it doesn’t look like a camper from outside it won’t now get through. Main implications seem to be lower speed limit and insurance hassles. This doesn’t effect campervans that have already got through. Do a search for this on campervan forums etc 

Darron 28 Aug 2019
In reply to kevin stephens:

Mine was the opposite. It looks exactly like a campervan inside and out, but no fixed table no register as a camper!


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