/ Walking 1050 miles round wales for shelter

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dmor9 - on 28 Jan 2014
Posting on behalf of my mum....

I love walking and wanted a challenge. Also I have been passionate about the work of Shelter ever since I can remember. May be it is because much of my life I have been a walker with my tent on my back. I have been wet and cold on many occasions but it has been my choice and I have always had a lovely warm house to return to. When I decided to circumnaviagate the welsh boarder it was obvious that the charity I would choose to benefit from my adventure would be Shelter Cymru.

I plan to walk all the way round Wales. Leaving home on St David's day and walking North up Offa's Dyke path to Prestatyn then all the way around the coast (including Anglesey) to Chepstow and finally along the southern half of Offa's Dyke home to Llanfairwaterdine.

1050 miles and 10 weeks away from home! staying in a variety of places. Some hostels, sometimes in a camper van with my husband or a friend and very often on my own in a tent.

Please help me to help Shelter Cymru to help prevent homelessness and assisst people who become homeless.

Please visit and like my facebook page

or my virgin money giving page

Thank you for any support
The Potato - on 28 Jan 2014
In reply to dmor9:

good on her, donated
martinph78 on 31 Jan 2014
In reply to dmor9:

Her boots will be properly broken in after that!

Good luck.
dollydog - on 14 Feb 2014
In reply to dmor9:

walking the coast in these storms,all power to you
dmor9 - on 28 Feb 2014
In reply to dmor9:

shes leaving tomorrow morning (1/3) at 09.00 and she'll be gone for about 70days!
thank you to those of you who have donated or even offered accommodation along route!
Shes hoping to update the face book and virgin giving site as often as mobile signal will allow so keep an eye on her progress.

dmor9 - on 07 Mar 2014
In reply to dmor9:

Today rebecca will reach Prestatyn having walked Offas dyke path north from Knighton. Now its the coast path all the way round to Chepstow before heading north back to knighton.
So Thats 100 miles down just 950 left to go! next milestone is menai bridge and a quick lap of anglesey!
zukator - on 17 Mar 2014
In reply to dmor9:

Rebecca stayed with us last night. She's doing very well, particularly as she's self-supporting and her rucksack is almost as big as she is! This is a great effort for a good cause - give her some encouragement - donate or at least go and carry her rucksack for an hour if you live near the coastal path!

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