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Accident at New Mills

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 mrphilipoldham 10 Jan 2021

I'm not of the parish anymore, having moved over Summer but there's been a bit of chatter on Facebook about an accident at the Torrs which resulted in an air ambulance evacuation for the casualty. No one seems to know anything more on the matter, but I hope whoever it is makes a full recovery. 


In reply to mrphilipoldham:

Plenty of BS on that thread!

 JMarkW 10 Jan 2021
In reply to Mark S Davies:

Blimey I live 50m away and didn't hear the helicopter.

Mindyou I was probably dozing on the sofa after three hours extreme mountain biking in the snow.

 SteveX 10 Jan 2021
In reply to mrphilipoldham:

Its quite amusing on that thread seeing people try to say that the activity is not dangerous, when a participant has had to be airlifted to hospital. 


 Tom V 10 Jan 2021
In reply to SteveX:

it sounds like one of the posters ( a climber) had previously had a word with some youths who hadn't got much idea and was thinking her words had fallen on deaf ears. This bit of speculation seems unresolved, though.

 thelittledan 12 Jan 2021
In reply to Tom V:

i wasn’t with the party but present at the crag. Alcove crack / Pro failure ( maybe due to the ever loosening blocks on that route?) climber was stable and conscious when the ambulance took them away; 8 meters to the deck. Wishing the best for them and a speedy recovery. 

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