Almscliffe Night Climbing and Photo/Film Shoot

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Hey all,

I hope everyone is well after the New Year. 

This is just a note to let people know that on Saturday 15th of January there will be some climbing, filming and photography activity during the evening at Almscliffe. We have engaged with Mick Johnston who is the local BMC access rep for the Yorkshire area and the land owner. The land owner has very kindly granted us permission for the evening but I figured it was worth giving people this insight ahead of the shoot incase people presumed otherwise and got the wrong impression - for example thinking that the lamping ban had been lifted.  There will be lots of studio lighting and filming activity taking place around the area of Western Front and Overhanging Groove.

I am aware that access during evenings has been a problem in the past, consequently resulting in lamping being banned at this crag. The land owner has been incredibly kind on this occasion to allow us to do what we need to do in the evening, its important to note that the lamping ban is still very much in place though. 

Kind Regards


 NorthernGrit 10 Jan 2022
In reply to Marc Langley:

I'll join the ranks of likers who came to this post to give you shrift before actually reading the post.

Is the filming climbing related or something else? Hope you get good weather.

 James Malloch 10 Jan 2022
In reply to NorthernGrit:

I don’t know about this one, but Marc has done a big project called “out of the shadows” which takes well known routes/boulders and photos them in different lights than you might usually see them (i.e. at night with cool lighting). So I’d assume it’s to do with that.

My words won’t have done the work justice, but it can be seen on his facebook / Instagram:

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In reply to Marc Langley:

That bloke from Netflix needs to take note here, this is how you engage with people.

Hope it goes well, you do nice pieces.

In reply to Marc Langley:

Look forward to seeing the results!

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