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Climbing with baby

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 Katka 03 Nov 2019

Hi all,

we have a 6months old baby and would like to go for a climbing trip this winter somewhere south to enjoy some winter sun. Any ideas for baby-friendly crags anywhere in Europe from your own experience? The conditions are: pleasant temperatures (10-15°C) in January-February, safe and relatively flat ground for the baby to sit/lie, and easy access - we carry him in a baby carrier. We live in Czech Republic, so any place in mainland Europe where we can drive is fine. I would be grateful for any suggestion. Cheers

 HeMa 03 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

numerous locations in spain fit the bill, but certainly not all crags or sectors.

 tjekel 04 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

South of Rome, Monte Moneta (the avancorpo destra) above the Sperlonga plain is good, as is Spaggia arenauta right by the beach a few km south. In France, various crags in the Alpilles fit the bill (Orgon, Aureille), as does Deux Aiguilles in the Victoire, and the western sectors of La Turbie.  These are from our experience, as are Seynes & Collias. 

 Katka 08 Nov 2019
In reply to tjekel:

Thanks so much for the list! I appreciate it very much.

 Katka 08 Nov 2019
In reply to HeMa:

Spain would be my preferred destination - would you be able to list any crags in particular? That would help a lot, Spain is a large country

 Katka 08 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

What about Kyparrisi? Are there any baby-friendly crags in 6a-7a grades that make it worthwhile to do such a long drive? (Maybe not in January-February but in spring or autumn)

 HeMa 08 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

We stayed in Abella de la Conca, and they can give good suggestions around there where to climb. Alas can’t remember the crags by heart. But the Lleida Climbs should cover Most of them (new edition coming out).

 heleno 08 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

> What about Kyparrisi? 

Apart from a couple of already polished roadside warm ups, the crags in Kyparissi are not particularly baby friendly. 

Spain, and particularly the Costa Blanca Murcia etc,  tends to have the mildest Jan/Feb weather in Europe and a wide range of crags from which to pick baby friendly options - eg Sella, Lliber (penya roja). 

NB El Chorro is not so good - a colder climate due to the altitude and not much choice of accessible crags. 

We travelled for 3 months in a van with our daughter when she was a baby. If you make sure your expectations are realistic you'll have a wonderful and memorable time. 

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 leland stamper 09 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

Not mainland Europe bit still Europe til at least 31 Jan. Go for Brean. Flat-the beach. Warm and sheltered. Plenty of hard sport and cheap accomodation. Always walk over to Uphill for extras Uphill Quarry

Brean Down Brean (Central Crags) Brean Down (Fort Crags)

 Katka 24 Nov 2019

Thank you all for your suggestions.

 markfairbank 25 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

My wife is pregnant at the moment so you do go on a trip would be good to hear how you get on. We'd potentially like to do something similar in the future.

We've also just got back from Siurana. I thought some of the sectors there would be relatively baby friendly.... at least easy access and pleasant climate. Areas for a baby to sit/lie might be a touch smaller than ideal.

 David Myatt 27 Nov 2019
In reply to Katka:

Costa Blanca. We took our pre-school daughter there in the 90s a couple of times and it worked fine. Its probably easier with a baby as they are less mobile than toddlers. Plenty of easily accessible and safe crags. Mail me if you want suggestions. Will be there in Jan/Feb, without child!

Cheers, David

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