Help! Anyone live near Carn Gowla in Cornwall?

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This is a cry for help to anyone who lives anywhere near Carn Gowla.

On Monday a friend and I went to do Mercury. We set up the belay rope at the top of the climb as recommended, then abbed in to do the route. My friend backed off the first pitch as we didn't have the right size cam and we finished up quicksilver as it got dark.

In our haste we forgot all about the belay rope (an orange 60m half rope). Worse, I am now back in North Wales!

I don't think it's a very popular route, so there's a chance it's still there. I've checked the lost and found forums and posted in there too.

If anyone is driving past or fancies doing a total stranger a massive favour, please get it for me! Obviously I'll pay postage and extra for a bottle of wine or something.

Thank you,
(a very hopeful) Luke.

PS Mods I posted this in rocktalk to get more hits, sorry if it's in the wrong place.
 deacondeacon 28 Sep 2009
In reply to grit-addict: If your on facebook put a post on here

I'm down there in a couple of weeks but reckon it'll be gone by then
 oakapple 01 Oct 2009
Hi Luke

Have you got anyone to have a look yet? I work in redruth and could have a look tomorrow morning. If no one else has been down.
In reply to oakapple: I live in St Agnes. Give me a call and we could go down together. I need to know where that belay is anyway and it's probably always best to have two in and around this area
In reply to oakapple: That would be really great if you don't mind, I still have hope! Thank you.
 oakapple 02 Oct 2009
In reply to grit-addict: Luke I have picked up your rope on my way to work this morning. Email me your address and I will post it up to you.
 oakapple 02 Oct 2009
In reply to alandovey: Andy sorry didn't see your message, until this morning. The belay is pretty easy to find just head out of the end carpark walking towards chapel porth, at the first footpath post (about 100 m) walk down over the cliff and the belay is just below the obvious rocky outcrop.
In reply to oakapple: Well done and thread finished I think!
In reply to oakapple: Thank you so much! I really appreciate you going out of your way for a total stranger, not everyone would do that. I'll email you my address.

And thanks to deacon and alan too.

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