is there any bargains at the outdoorshow??

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TOm.p 02 Mar 2006
of to the outdoor show in march. i've got my eye on some gear for my rack and a down jacket.

do you think there will be any bargains or will i find things cheaper on the old internet.
In reply to TOm.p: Weel i was there last year and there wasn't many bargains. I heard that the the companies are forced not to put special 'show' prices on equipment and things. Everything was abotu the same price as in the shops or at sale price but still the same as the shops. Tents occationally had some good deals but its a good day out. Just to watch the world dyno record being broke by a 17 year old austrian girl , she was fit and very good.
Steve Humm 4395 02 Mar 2006
In reply to Hartlepool Anthony: Last year there was some very good deals on Rab down jkts and Paramo gear.
epik 02 Mar 2006
In reply to TOm.p:

The organisers normally try to impose a 70% rule i.e. only 30% discounts and only 30% of your stock is allowed to be discounted!

Some companies will break the rules but they will be subtle rather than massive 50% off signs they will just do it but not make a big deal of it! Just check the internet before you go for whatever your looking for and you might get a better deal at the show!

Kind of ruins the idea of it i think but what do i know! The organisers don't want it to turn into a discount market but thats why i thought most people went!
TOm.p 02 Mar 2006
In reply to epik: apart from the bouldering comp thats exactly why i'm going

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