Loose shield of rock. Pavey Arc

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Hi. I'm not sure who the right person/people are to contact directly hence this post!
Me and the missus were climbing Coati on Pavey Arc at the weekend and on the second pitch as you move around the bulge to get established on the slabby corner there is a very loose shield of rock about the size of a bus wheel. I used this for protection and also for part of the move until I nearly pulled it off!!. I am a pretty experienced climber and i'm certain this would have come off if I'd pulled through on it. Nothing is mentioned in the new guide about this and god knows what the outcome would be if this was to come off on a busy day as there's hundreds of people ascending Jacks rake week in week out. I've never done anything like this before and I would gladly offer my help in removing it! If this is possible?


 Lankyman 01 Jun 2016
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You'd be doing everyone a big favour if you did remove it, Garry - that includes climbers, walkers (and sheep!). If you haven't done this before you need to be extremely careful, both setting up an abseil over the line and then removing the rock - a flying boulder could really spoil someone's day down by the tarn! At the very least you'd want someone below, out of the line of flight and able to warn people off while the job's being done. It's a potentially serious situation - one to bring to the attention of the National Trust who (I think) actually own the land around Stickle Tarn? They'd definitely want a dangerous block taken care of and almost certainly not want an 'amateur' getting stuck in.
 olddirtydoggy 01 Jun 2016
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I doubt the National Trust will do anything, they're too busy collecting money. No doubt somebody on here will be local and maybe involved with the climbing club down in Langdale. I was on there about 3 months back and all was fine so I'm guessing this is a recent problem. Lets hope somebody picks it up before it hits someone.
 John Kelly 01 Jun 2016
In reply to gazfellows:

There is loads of loose debris on rake currently, wasn't there 12th march, impressive impact crater under rake
Coati, be awkward cleaning that safely
In reply to olddirtydoggy:

The national trust have some sort of responsibility to remove loose rock from a mountain on open access land? Well I never.

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