Mountain Leader and Rock Climbing Instructor Award for Italy

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 Tan92 14 Aug 2021

I want to find out if there are any Summer Mountain Leadership qualifications in Italy (for South of Sardinia trails) that don’t require you to be knowledgeable in mountaineering. We are wanting to be qualified to lead groups of tourists up low altitude, long trails in South of Sardinia. Do you know what qualifications would be required as a minimum for this? We will be qualified in the UK as Summer Mountain Leaders by then, but we will be moving to Sardinia and want to know if it will be valid and legal to set up a touring company there with UK qualifications, otherwise we need to find out what the Italian version is? Same goes for rock climbing, we will be qualified instructors here in the UK, but I don’t think this is valid in Italy/Sardinia. 

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You might struggle. I think in Italy it's pretty much IML or IFMGA or bust for most things, I'm not sure about low level walking though.

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Have answered this in the other post they made - AMM is the equivalent in Italy. ML Summer has never held any real meaning there.

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As other have said for walking in general its the IML,  but its a bit more complicated than that as each canton/area has some of its own rules and this can cause problems even for IML's.

For rock climbing it is a full guide. The Italians have just put it in law that they can start the process of having a recognised rock climbing instructor, but it's taken them years to get this far so don't expect anything soon.

In many countries in Europe you need by law to hold a recognised award to deliver outdoor sports (not the case in the UK), none of them allow you to just work off a UK ticket you need to officially apply and gain recognition, Pre Brexit you in Europe you could apply to have your qualifications recognised, I did it in France with my MIA, IML and kayaking awards. but now I don't think it's an option. If you have the right to work and live there after Brexit (maybe an Irish passport), there maybe a way but the ML is still a uk award so I am not sure. 

over all you maybe better to do the Italian awards? I am happy to chat about my experience of setting up in France if that's any help.


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