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Return to climbing - observations

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In summary; my feet seem to have grown and my balls shrunk.

Having done virtually no climbing this year (in or out) I was pleasantly surprised I could still actually climb, and that my flailing around indoors doesn't make that much difference at the grades I climb (on a good day I can manage a E1, got back to HVS) - obvious I suppose.

I properly had the fear, over analysing fall possibilities at virtually every point of each route I climbed. Did a few sea cliff routes at Gogarth (L.A.D and Wen) - full terror on the abseils though calmed down a lot once on the routes - something about being committed to climbing out woke the climbing brain up again and I think I might have enjoyed some of Wen.

Really suffered with my feet - previously tolerable shoes were cripplingly uncomfortable; I guess the one thing indoor climbing did for me was harden my heels.

Anyway, great to be back to it and was had three straight days of fine weather in North Wales - amazing.

 top cat 24 Jul 2020
In reply to featuresforfeet:

Try coming back after 20+ yrs......to winter climbing on the Ben

Just like riding a bike, you never forget, only the fitness suffers.

In reply to top cat:

You can lose your mental approach just as easy as your fitness and it can take time to come back. 

 top cat 27 Jul 2020
In reply to Bulls Crack:

I'm sure you're right about that but after such a long lay off I was keen as mustard and started back at the grade I left off at.  But I was slow due to lack of hill fitness.   18 hours car to car via Obs. Ridge.........embarrassing!

My head was great, my thighs less so


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