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Michael Hood 18 Aug 2019

I've got the 1st edition of the Ground Up North Wales guide. Looking at the Sea Cave area, the crag location map in this guide shows this as about 500m north of the Fallen Block area in a larger bay.

Not been there (yet), but (from other information in the guide) I think this is incorrect and that the Sea Cave area is immediately N of the Fallen Block area sort of just around the corner.

Is this correct?

Does the 2nd edition show it differently on the crag location map?

Reason I'm asking - I'll be in Anglesey and I fancy a little bit of soloing. But - we're talking Symphony Crack not Electric Blue Just want to make sure I walk to the correct place.

Also, what's the groove leading to crack that's just to the left of Symphony Crack - is it Toccata Crack or Sonata Crack - seems to be some conflicting info from on here, the Gogarth wiki, and various guidebooks?

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I don't have the guidebook to hand but fallen block dawn start where Llawder Zawn finishes. Sea Cave Zawn is about 100m along the coastal path. If you are looking at Electric blue cave arch then Symphony crack is on the tip of the headland. It is quite easy to scramble down the headland and start from a small exposed ledge about 20ft above the high tide line. You then traverse in from there to gain the slab/corner. I tend to climb the slab just left of the corner as it is a little easier than the corner itself.

Mark Stevenson 18 Aug 2019
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Well spotted! 

It is, as you thought, marked in completely the wrong place on the map and corrected in both the 2nd and 3rd editions. It is just around the corner and definitely not hundreds of metres away. 

Michael Hood 19 Aug 2019
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Michael Hood 19 Aug 2019
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Thanks, the sad bit is how (without having been there yet - probably tomorrow) I worked it out...

1. Satellite view in Google maps, zoomed in.

And (even sadder )

2. The photo of Electric Blue in the GU guide shows an island with a beacon/lighthouse? in the background. From an OS map, this wouldn't be possible (back/top of Fallen Block Zawn in the way) from the cliff position indicated in the GU guide.

Really, really sad

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Michael Hood 20 Aug 2019
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Symphony Crack done earlier today, cracking positions for a route of that grade. Seas were a bit bigger than I would have liked (for soloing) so left Toccata Crack (just left of SC according to GU Gogarth South and Paul Williams) alone.

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