Rockfall at Masson Lees

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 Stevo81 23 Mar 2022

I was at Masson Lees yesterday and there has been significant rockfall at the right hand side of the Red Wall within the past few days, and it looks like more is ready to drop. This is over one of the popular routes for the crag (Fun In The Sun). 

I'd like to put a warning on the crag page here, but the moderator cannot be emailed. 

Any other ways I can spread the word? Masson Lees Quarry 

 Paul Baxter 23 Mar 2022
In reply to Stevo81:

You can add feedback to the individual climbs affected, using the 'Add Feedback' button. Looking at Fun In The Sun (6a+) someone has already noted a crack forming as of two weeks ago - sounds like it's got worst so I'd note it here (and on any adjacent climbs the instability / rockfall looks like impacting)

OP Stevo81 23 Mar 2022
In reply to Paul Baxter:

Great stuff. Thank you Paul

 e.ms355 23 Mar 2022
In reply to Stevo81:

Could also add it onto BMC RAD, it might take longer to be approved but still worth doing

 innes 23 Mar 2022
In reply to Stevo81:

I've messaged the Crag Admin.

I'm sure he'll be in touch shortly.


 mmmhumous 23 Mar 2022
In reply to innes and Stevo81:

Thanks for the heads up Innes.  I've marked the route as "no longer climbable"and added the following to the route description:


Looking at your comments on other routes @Stevo81, I've done the same for Life of Grime, and the 2 easier routes to the right. 

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OP Stevo81 23 Mar 2022
In reply to mmmhumous:

Thanks humous

 mmmhumous 26 Mar 2022
In reply to Stevo81:

Taped some high- vis strips over the bottom bolts on the affected routes yesterday to discourage/warn folks. Abject failure - 2 of the routes were being climbed when I walked out (including Fun in the Sun which was been top-roped directing through the bolts). Warned them off but reckon it needs better solution asap given the popularity of those routes amongst those new to outdoor climbing.  

I can probably go back next weekend with some duck tape to properly tape over any of the clipstick-able bolts to prevent anyone climbing it until it can be made safe (Unless anyone else can do that earlier). 

Looking at where the rock has fallen from looks like there's still a couple of  tones of loose stuff at the top, and as rtwcharlie noted: the right hand bolt on the lower off on Fun in the Sun has a crack running behind it, so needs replacing.   I can do some trundling, but I'm only comfortable bolting with expansion bolts, so it would be good if someone else could fix/move the lower off with glue-ins.

 mmmhumous 01 Apr 2022
In reply to Stevo81:

Right... was back at Masson today, and have trundled anything that would move with some encouragement from either my boot or a claw hammer.... made for a few exciting moment caught on camera!

Life of Grime, End o' Taffs Corner and Chemistry Mates should all now be climbable, but could do with a brush to remove the last of the rubble and dirt.

Fun in The Sun needs a new lower off (may be able to get away with just replacing the one bolt on the newly exposed rock.  Lower bolts have been taped up to discourage the unwary until a new lower can be added.  Any volunteers? 

In reply to mmmhumous:

Loads of the Peak quarries are totally unstable. When quarries are formed, back shattering from the blast and subsequent relaxation of the rock strata pose a considerable stability challenge. Not everyone can identify true dip in sedimentary rock, which would indicate the possibility of potential failure. The Stoney quarries (not Horseshit) are particularly vulnerable. There are some I am literally vary of approaching, never mind clipping bolts in the tottering cross. I’ve spent the last thirty years of my working life assessing soil and rock slopes with a view to mitigating risk. Some of the Stoney quarries we would recommend an exclusion zone at the toe, then prise off loose elements where this is feasible.


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