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Simplest top-roping at Burbage or Stanage

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L PTNMC 17 May 2020

Hi, guys. Can anyone recommend particular easy routes (M or D) in the peaks (Stanage or Burbage preferred but we can go further afield if necessary) with simple top-roping potential?

I'm confident and competent enough belaying, and leading sport stuff, but my only tradtoproped has been with someone else in charge of building anchors, some of which seem to have been a most admirable feat of engineering. I'm mostly bouldering here, with my girlfriend (very much a beginner) and I'd like to belay her on some longer routes. I have somehow come to own a decent mini collection of trad gear, dozens of nuts and cams, some slings, plenty of good rope, but really I am NOT confident building anchors unless there's something really damn good at the top, like a massive chockstone or a tree trunk the width of a car. I haven't had much training in that area, especially with balancing all the points and whatnot.

Is there anywhere around here that would be suitable to set up an easy top-ropeable anchor?


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In reply to PTNMC:

Maybe go on a course when they open again? Or join a club who can show you.

If you aren't going to wait and you need to be eastern peak then maybe you'd be better off at yarncliffe, more tree slinging potential at the top so less easy to mess it up. If there is someone else at the crag tell them you've not set a toprope up before and ask if they'd mind looking at it. Hope they are competent!

This is definately a silly idea though. Wait until you know you can be safe.

 Cake 17 May 2020
In reply to Somerset swede basher:

This is sensible advice going to crags that have lots of trees anchors as that is what you know. There are others like Rivelin, too. 

However, lots of people learn entirely by themselves from books and the internet how to set up anchors. The key thing is that you would need to be completely confident that you've got it right. If not then just don't do it. 

 cragtyke 17 May 2020
In reply to PTNMC:


plenty of good advice on the basics here.

In reply to Cake:

I think the car park at Rivelin is still closed.

 duchessofmalfi 17 May 2020

Lots of suitable tree belays at Yarncliffe - just be careful to protect the tree a bit with a scrap of carpet or something and try not to knock any crud or stones off the top.

Top tip is to get 15m of static rope for making TR anchors and learn to tie a bowline so you can lasso boulders etc way back from the edge of the crag. Then drop a screwgate over the edge on the static line on a fig 8 knot and TR from that. Pad your static rope over the edge to stop the rope eroding the rock and stop the rock eroding your rope. 11mm-ish static rope is cheaply available from climbing shops by the metre.

Don't be afraid to ask the next climber for advice!


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