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Bolts at Symonds Yat Far South

Can anybody shed light on the bolts that have appeared at Symonds Yat Far South? They seem to have been placed to protect the approach scramble to Mellow Yellow and the 'camping' cave at its base. There are a further two widely spaced in the cave, perhaps to connect a tether for people sleeping there. They are fresh with powder residue from drilling below them.

Natural protection exists here in an area with a long tradition of no bolting. They are poor quality expansion bolts and poorly placed. Their placement is not supported by local climbers, the Forestry Commission, BMC or Climbers Club and happy to stick my head above the parapet as the 'crag police', I plan on removing them in the morning unless someone can inform me better.

If interested parties (commercial or recreational) feel that bolts or other works would benefit climbers then please get in touch and we can ensure it is done correctly and with permission at YatFest, the annual volunteer/BMC clean up.

Please share where appropriate.

Ron Rees Davies 24 Aug 2019
In reply to Graham 'Sven' Hassall:

The photos on Facebook look like cheap (B&Q) type expansion eyed bolts placed with some sort of resin. That all looks VERY dodgy. 

In reply to Ron Rees Davies:

Thank you Ron, the FB responses have been unanimous and they'll be going today. 



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.