Title stone removed from start of will o' the wisp

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 cheeky 30 Apr 2021

Will o' the Wisp (HVD) 

Whilst we were on the traverse of this climb today another team turned up and threw away a small piece of slate with the names of three climbs scratched on it to mark the start of the routes placed at the bottom (I've posted a photo on the climb).

he was a lovely person and so my second asked him about this at the bottom later and his response was basically stating the strict ethics of traditional climbing. He also said he'd cut away a small piece of rope used as an anchor for belay and possibly for an abseil saying they weren't needed there. 

I'm not sure of my thoughts on this, I obviously wouldn't want to see scratching or painting on the rock, is a loose stone as bad? It was in the instance very subtle and I don't see why anyone other I don't know why anyone other than a climber would ever be up there to see it. Just wondering about others thoughts and opinions.

 Tom V 30 Apr 2021
In reply to cheeky:

Cairns are only made of loose stones but a lot of UKCers take pleasure in knocking them down ( not me)

In reply to cheeky:

Thats a bit OTT in my opinion, but he was right that there's no need for ab tat because its an easy scramble down the gully to get back down. I'm just pleasantly surprised there was more than one party climbing in Cwm Cywarch on the same day!

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