Toe nail surgery recovery time

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 purple sue 04 Jan 2022

Has anyone else had toenail surgery (partial avulsion) for an ingrown toenail. How long before you could get a climbing shoe on again? It's been a month now and I'm going mad on the body conditioning stuff + walking/biking but it's no substitute for climbing.

What was your experience of timespan required?

Many thanks,


 Hutson 04 Jan 2022
In reply to purple sue:

I had this - partial avulsion on both sides of both big toenails. I got it done privately and the deal was if the nail grows back he'd redo the operation for free and personally I think he made damn sure it didn't grow back by being liberal with the phenol to kill the root. It's my understanding that this is essentially a burn and I needed to clean and dress it for around six weeks.

I could get a climbing shoe on within about six/seven weeks I think (he suggested it would be sooner but it seemed to take forever to heal) - but I never went in for aggressively tight shoes.

 purple sue 04 Jan 2022
In reply to Hutson:

Very helpful thanks. I'm aware that the Phenol was liberally applied as a guarantee that the nail wouldn't regrow in my case too and its the burn effect on the wound which causes it to behave in this way. Sounds like I have to sit tight a little while longer then.  Good job its not the middle of summer cragging season..

In reply to purple sue:

Over the late autumn/early winter I have had both sides of both big toes done (consecutively not together) to narrow the nails and remove ingrowing nail. The first took five weeks to heal and the second took six. Wearing trainers and going to the gym didn't cause any problems with the dressings or toes. I had the final all clear on Wednesday and as soon as the dressing was off the rock shoes were tried (loafing on the sofa) and felt fine (much more comfortable than before the surgery). Will try the bouldering wall next week. Have patience and stick with it, best to avoid the risk of infection which will take even longer to sort.

In reply to purple sue:

Digression, still got my nails but had various toe and foot problems. Had rubber spacers on big toes for a while, as second toe was putting pressure on big toe nail etc.. when stickies wouldn't go on, approach shoes with climbing rubber soles were a good compromise, without risking further toe problems. Granted you'll likely drop a grade or two, but it's still climbing. 

 Cake 08 Jan 2022
In reply to purple sue:

Can't you just get really strong on a finger board in the mean time?

 purple sue 13 Jan 2022
In reply to helpful people:

Thanks for the continued help/suggestions. I have developed an interest in hill walking, cycling and running short stretches. Had thought of climbing in approach shoes also. None of them replace the feeling of pulling on rock, but they're a worthy substitute for the time being. Pull-ups, fingerboarding etc all being fed into the mix. I'm just grateful to be in the outdoors actually

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