Torbay DWD beta

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 emitto 02 Apr 2021

Looking for some info on two DWD traverses in Torbay, for both

The Long Traverse (4c S1)

Plimsoll Line (S)

Should you be following the high tide line? And is there an optimal state of tide to do these traverses?

Thanks for your help. 

 stuartf 02 Apr 2021
In reply to emitto:

Plimsol line is a little above the high tide line mostly. It can be hard to access from the left hand end (looking out) if the tide is too high.

Long traverse is obvious and fairly low but still above the barnacles. The bit in the middle can be impassable at high tide.

 emitto 02 Apr 2021
In reply to stuartf:

Thanks for the quick reply, sounds like it's better at mid to low tides then? 

 petegunn 02 Apr 2021
In reply to emitto:

We did the Long Traverse at about mid to low tide with about 1m of barnacles showing. From looking at a photo our feet were roughly on the barnacle line but I think there was one small section were our feet got wet so we must have gone low on a section. It's very good and pretty easy, we went from the beach to LQP and back. 

 Chris Ebbutt 02 Apr 2021
In reply to emitto:


long Traverse

Best started at Redgate end, first half goes at any tide height, easy juggy climbing over deep water once away from the beach. At half way a deep zawn cuts back parallel with the Cliff, this fills with water and is impassable dry above mid tide.  The next bit under Sanctuary Wall is steep and juggy over deep water at any tide but to finish into LQP through the Boulder choke requires mid tide or lower. Best moment if you can catch it is just before mid tide as this gives the best climbing with the best water but if you are prepared to get wet feet/ swim it is possible to climb 90% on any tide.

Plimsole Line

If started from the Daddyhole end it is possible to do on any tide height dry, right up to the crux which is at the very far Meadfoot end. It is much better climbing above the barnacles and having the water closer makes it more fun and enjoyable. To do the crux dry would need a mid tide or lower but it adds a good grade to the overall difficulties. Due to the sloped ramp at the crux it is possible to time your move carefully on a higher tide and do the move between swells, but again if you don’t mind getting wet feet it is no big issue.

Both face south catching lots of sun, with great rock. Have fun


 emitto 04 Apr 2021
In reply to emitto:

Thanks to all for the replies and beta, did the long Traverse today starting on an mid tide (ebbing) with my teenage daughter. It was brilliant and a lot of fun. Plimsoll Line next when the weather settles.

Thanks again people. 

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