Volunteer work with SEND/ASD/paraclimbers

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 ZoePB 24 Jul 2021

Firstly sorry if this is not the right forum for this but I couldn't figure out where best to post it. 

I have previous experience climbing with a young woman with autism as a PA. She was absolutely badass and a massive inspiration to me. It didn't work out as a long term job for various reasons and I haven't seen her lately due to covid etc. 

I have recently been thinking that I would like to get into some more of this kind of work. I currently work as a carer and I have worked as a health care professional/carer in many settings. I would love to combine this with my love of climbing and climb with people with physical disabilities, autism, neurodiversity, mental health problems etc. and support them to climb by helping break down whatever their barriers may be. 

Does anyone do work like this currently? I would love to hear about it. I am also looking for any opportunity to volunteer or join in with any groups that do this kind of thing, or even with individuals. 

I have a camper and can travel all over the UK. Any info or opportunities are gratefully received! 

 tjdodd 24 Jul 2021
In reply to ZoePB:

Worth reading

if you have not seen it. Might be some useful contacts in the article.

Look at

for helping youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds.  There's an apply to volunteer link under Support Us.

 mrjonathanr 25 Jul 2021
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Hi Zoe, 

Have you done the Climbing for All course? 

Graeme would be worth approaching for advice.

 C Witter 25 Jul 2021
In reply to ZoePB:

You could also get in touch with the Calvert Trust and Bendrigg?

In reply to ZoePB:


send us an email to .

director of the charity Adventures Awaits and looking to get our para climbing and other projects back up and running.

we are based in manchester.


tom Stewart 

 Karlos123 03 Aug 2021

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