What route did I end up on? Variant of Isengard/Samba Pa Ti, Dow Crag

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 birks3746 08 Jun 2021

Looking for some route advice, trying to work out what route I ended up on. We tried Isengard/Samba Pa Ti on Dow Crag on Sunday, I think we belayed a bit too far right at the end of p2, so when I began up p3 I thought the roof directly above was not the way (which it turned out was the correct way). I ended up traversing right, under another capping roof to where there was some very old tatt and then round onto a hanging small Arete in an amazing position.

I was trying to make some quite tough moves out of that position (good gear ) and head up rightwards into a scoop. From there, it looked like it kept heading rightwards but I couldn't do the stopper move into the scoop.

On comparison with mates who have previously done the correct route its clear I wasn't on the correct line, but it was a good line and looked like it had been previously done. I can't work out what it was from ukc logs and its not in my lakes wired guidebook. I think if you continued the direction of travel it would link into the middle of Side Walk. 

Any ideas on what this is line is? To simplify, from the top of p2 of Isengard/Samba Pa Ti, it traverses right for about 10 feet, then diagonally right in the direction of Side Walk.

Cheers, Luke

 Rick Graham 08 Jun 2021
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Possibly a route called Silence.

Done on 1969 by Colin Read and Ron Lake , E2.

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 Greenbanks 09 Jun 2021
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Sounds like Silence. Seconded that years ago; of the others on the lower part of A Buttress I have only done Balrog and Eliminate A, so no further ideas. But whatever it is, what a brilliant piece of rock to be on...

 birks3746 10 Jun 2021
In reply to birks3746:

Thanks for the advice. 

For what its worth, it looked a really interesting line in a great position

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