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Yoga fit club - next phase

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 heleno 17 May 2020

A thread for those using lockdown either to start yoga, or to take their yoga further. 

Judging by the reduced number of responses this week, I’m guessing that many of us have either started climbing again, or are expecting to start again quite soon.  So rather than start a new thread each week, I suggest we just keep this thread going for those who are still interested.  (If numbers of responses pick up again, I’ll go back to starting a weekly thread.)

Any newcomers to the thread, you are still very welcome to join in!

Last weeks thread: https://www.ukclimbing.com/forums/rock_talk/yoga_fit_club_6th_week-719175

Derek Furze: Good to hear yoga is helping your flexibility already.  Hope you’re still managing to find time for it!

Mbh: Wow, that’s an impressive commitment to your pilates practice.  No wonder you’re already noticing benefits.  Did you find some additional sessions that suited you?

Harley.marshall8: Thanks for the Alicia Waters and Lizette recommendations – those both look interesting to try!  Re your question about meditation, I personally find it quite challenging; but I do find Yoga Nidra more accessible.  I particularly like Jennifer Piercy as she has an amazing voice https://www.doyogawithme.com/content/yoga-nidra-jennifer-piercy

HansStuttgart: That class you posted a link to last week looks good.  Are the hamstrings getting any less tight?

Girlymonkey: Great news about the running.  20km sounds very impressive!

Clipstick: How is the Down Dog app going?  Is Warrior 3 getting easier? 

Leburnett88: Glad you are enjoying the yoga!  Did you choose a new yoga mat?

Leland stamper: Hope you’re finding your venture into yoga rewarding.  As I said last week, I think the Down Dog beginner classes are quite tough, so if you carry on, you may not find the intermediate classes much harder! 

Disclaimer: Even very strong and fit climbers can injure themselves if yoga poses are done incorrectly.  If you’re trying yoga for the first time via an online class, it’s best to choose one which takes time to show how to do the poses safely.

 leland stamper 17 May 2020
In reply to heleno:

Sticking with Down Dog restorative beginner level and starting to feel the muscles stretch a bit. Still find some of the stretches beyond me but will persevere.

In reply to heleno:

I'm enjoying it, which is the main thing, but I also feel that flexibility is growing.  Some things feel quite hard still - hard to sustain at least - but most things are beginning to feel realistic at least!  I am going to persist, because I actually enjoy the practices and find it a good change of pace from other training and life more generally!  Good fun.


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