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Mike-W-99 on 02 Apr 2018

Hi there, there a small bug in the graphs from the looks of things.

According to my graphs I've done Am Bastier 5 times. (

But actually its 3 times plus two ascents of the tooth. 

I think this should be fixed as other munros with tops are also skewed.

And a feature request, ascents by ticklist would be good.


Thanks, Mike.

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In reply to Mike-W-99:

Hi Mike, it lists Am Bastier 5 times as you have 5 ascents on that hill  Am Basteir ie. it groups by summits and scrambles on a hill page. To split them out on the graphs page Am Basteir - Bhasteir Tooth  would need to be on it's own page (which is used to be) but it was merged with Am Basteir as it made more sense to have them on the same page.

For the feature request you mean list your ticklists and show the totals for each one on the graphs page?

Mike-W-99 on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

Thanks, I understand your logic even though I don't think its correct...

Yes, a graph by ticklist including repeats.

Then I can count how many munros including repeats I've been up. A useless piece of information really.

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