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I exclusively use the app, no space for paper guidebooks. When planning climbing in an area I haven’t been before, I often rely on the PDF intros available online for some general info and for overview maps of the whole area. Pembroke, for example, took a while to figure out in this fashion (would have been easier with the print edition, I imagine), but perfectly possible. Am I right that North Wales has no map?


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You are correct, there is no overview in the 2013 print edition of North Wales Climbs. This was something we started adding as standard after that. There is an overview on the back page which obviously doesn’t help the download version.

Having said that, the map on the current North Wales digital version has a huge detailed map of the main area anyway so you do get the same thing direct in the crag packages. It doesn’t do the entirety of the book in a single map but there are three big maps currently - Ormes area, mountain area and mid-Wales area. Gogarth still has the older smaller maps.


In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Hi Alan

Thanks for taking the time to reply. Yes, I noticed the beautiful, detailed, large maps, it’s only that it’s very difficult to use them efficiently on a phone. I have been considering buying a tablet solely for Rockfax (and I am following with interest your mysterious mentions of a potential PC version), but in the meantime... is it absolutely out of the question to hope that you might provide them separately, to complement the app, as something I could put up on my PC screen?

Oh, by the way big thumbs up for the Portland update, great new topos, routes added, the odd grade corrected, The Needles, etc. Good stuff!


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