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L nicodemus3d on 20:58 Tue


I found this thread

But cant find the option to ‘add logs from my partners’ in my logbook. Could someone point me in the right direction please. 


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Your partners need to make sure that ascents they have climbed with you are properly linked to your user name. They can do that by going to their logbook, clicking on your name on their Partners list, and then typing your UKC User name into the box titled 'UKC User?'

Once that is done then all their ascents with you will automatically appear in your logbook for you to confirm or deny.


L nicodemus3d on 22:46 Tue
In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH: Thanks Alan. Looks like we have that all setup correctly and we’ve double checked the usernames etc. Maybe it’s just taking a while to update. 

L nicodemus3d on 11:42 Wed

So after some digging the issue was that the ‘You have been logged in X ascents by your partners that aren’t in your logbook’ banner is only visible on a desktop, not on mobile. Would we be able to get it so that it works on mobile too?

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Hi, I turned off the notification system for mobiles as, if there's a lot to add, it can be a bit cumbersome on a small screen.

You should be able to bypass that by going directly to the page though:

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Luke90 on 12:48 Wed
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

I would sometimes like to be able to approve entries on mobile. I can just get my browser to request the desktop page but I'd find it easier if you allowed the notification on mobile. If people find it cumbersome, they can always make their own decision to use a bigger screen. I generally find the desktop site is usable enough on my phone. Perhaps you could just display a warning?

In reply to Luke90:

No problem, I'll change that.

Luke90 on 09:31 Thu
In reply to Paul Phillips - UKC and UKH:

Fantastic, thanks very much! Now I just need the rain to stop targeting my days off so that I can have some routes to log!

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