Printing from Rockfax topo

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Can I print from a rockfax topo?  I'd much rather have a piece of paper in my back pocket than have to rely on my phone.

Also, if I have subscribed via my phone, can I use the app on my PC and how?


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Update: have tried to download app onto my PC but the PC's not listed under my devices

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Have you tried taking a screenshot on your phone, send the image to your computer and print that? I had a quick go at that now and it looks pretty decent quality  (phones tend to be at least full HD resolution these days so should be a fairly good image)

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Hi Martin,

Rockfax Digital is not currently available on PC.

For having the topo in your pocket, your best bet would be either a screenshot or a scan of the book.

We have this question come up now and then, so I'll have a chat with the team about it.


 daimon Global Crag Moderator  UKC Supporter 09 Jun 2021
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You could always just buy a guide. The likely hood of you just using one page from the app is very low and restrictive.

I actually use both these days depending on where I'm climbing.

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