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Rockfax app logbook sync

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Anybody having issues logging climbs in the android app and not syncing to UKC logbook?  Tried signing out and back in, but no difference. Ideas on  how to resolve?

 Luke90 16 Nov 2019
In reply to druss:

It was an issue for some people a few months back, including me. I found that logging out and back in did seem to help but not instantly, so it might get there. I know Paul was looking into it but I'm not sure whether he cracked it. Apparently if you log routes when you're not connected, it should try again each time you launch the app but that didn't seem to be working sometimes.

Not sure whether it's still an issue because I'm unhealthily obsessed with keeping my logbook updated so I gave up doing it through the app.

In reply to druss:

I released an update that I thought fixed this issue. I'm down at Kendal this weekend but I'll be in contact with you via email at the start of next week. I might need to get yuu to try a few things to see if I can tell what's going on. 

If possible, hold off trying what Luke suggested until about logging in and out. I'd like to try get you to test a few things while you have the issue. 

Sorry about the hassld. 




In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:

Hi Martin

Sorry, I had already logged out and back in before posting the message.  About 5 min after posting the missing entries appeared on UKC.  Only getting around now to replying.

If it happens again I'll ping you before doing anything, but today's entries got synced quickly.  Hopefully the fix works going forward.  

 Dazzle 18 Nov 2019
In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:

I'm having this issue, logged a few routes today, nothing showing in my logbook  at the time I logged them I had limited internet. 


In reply to Dazzle:

This happened to me at on Sunday too. My UKC logbook still hasn't updated to show the routes I climbed and logged via the app. Anyone else getting this?

In reply to TobyA:

Toby, can you send me a support email from within the app? You can do this under Settings->Help and Support->Email Us. This will provide me with some useful logs.

In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:


 lithos 16 Dec 2019
In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:

Happening to me right now, each day's seems to take an age to sync. Maybe a manual sync button?

 lithos 17 Dec 2019
In reply to lithos:

I've sent you a logfile from my phone.

I've just tried it on my Android tablet and it syncs ok! The route made it from tablet to UKC HQ logbook and then onto my phone, but nothing from my phone is uploading

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This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.