Rockfax peak limestone crashes

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When I click on On the "I" icon on Peak Limestone installed crags from Chee Dale onwards

 chris_r 29 Dec 2021
In reply to robert-hutton:

It's a new enhancement to stop people having epics on polished, loose choss when there's world class grit around the corner.

In reply to robert-hutton:

Hi Robert

We have seen this but currently, we have a few people away so it may be a while before it gets noticed especially since it is a specific Android problem and there is only one person who can answer that one.


In reply to Alan James - UKC and UKH:

Thanks, seems like Android is second best..

In reply to robert-hutton:

Hi Robert,

I'm not sure what might be causing this. I've just installed a Peak Limestone crag and can't reproduce the issue.

I've just set v1.1.9 rollout ot 100% of our users, so you should get an update very soon. Once you're on that version, can you try causing the crash again. This should allow me to see what's going on a more detailed crash analysis tool.


In reply to Martin McKenna - UKC:

Yes updated and still crashing, sent you the logs on the crash, prosume you get these even though it says to help Google?

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In reply to robert-hutton:

Still crashing, anything I could do to sort?

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