/ additonal gym training?

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Slipknot_olly on 11 May 2013
Does anyone supplement their training with any gym work, if yes what do you do? I trail run myself but heard gyms can be good.
ice.solo - on 12 May 2013
In reply to Slipknot_olly:

yep. a 9 day training cycle that includes running, rest and gym stuff.

gym element has absolute strength, power output, specific conditioning and recovery days.
these sessions focus around a particular element, with 2 or 3 secondary elements. those then cycles thru and get mixed up, sometimes randomly.
i usually reasses then up the factors every 4 cycles.

i dont touch machines other than a rope pull thingy, a ski machine and a treadmill. some of the running element is on the mill with sprint tabatas.

its a golds gym full of knuckleheads and girls in bikinis. the music is shit but they keep treadmills and tvs to a bare minimum and everyone leaves everyone else alone.
Slipknot_olly on 12 May 2013
In reply to ice.solo: that sounds great. I never got the whole tv in a gym thing. Where do or how do you come up with a program like that?
ice.solo - on 12 May 2013
In reply to Slipknot_olly:

theres several training plans about for specific thinsg like climbing. what i do i started in a job i used have and just kept adapting as i found new stuff and the training industry moved forward. i do a bit of training stuff for others, so get exposed to enough results to tweak my own training. but really tho, the proof is in the application.

i think with any plan its important to break the '1 week cycle' mentality. its just too limited and doesnt allow enough enough quality time in the optimum zone and to recover from it.

mostly i climb in winter, and tho i get 1 in 3 days out there (in clusters) i find thats 'just climbing' easily leads to plateaus because you over adapt and let the unseen stuff atrophy.
also, i dont just train to climb, i do other stuff too and honestly, i just like the feeling of getting fitter/stronger/more efficient for longer etc.
and of course the girls in bikinis.
rockaddict - on 12 May 2013
In reply to Slipknot_olly:
I usually climb 4 times a week and squeeze in a gym session also.

I stick to compound lifts such as bench press, deadlift and weighted pull ups and occasionally squats or military press.

Deadlift and pull up's especially will help your climbing as you'll strengthen core, back, biceps and grip strength.

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