/ Anyone have 'Portugal Rock Climbs' 2017 guidebook

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Donny M - on 05 Mar 2019

My mum moved to Portugal a year or so ago and lives near the Serra De Estrella mountain range. 

I'm going to visit alone at the end of the month and would like to do some recon on the climbing there. As far as I'm aware the only book with routes in at this location is Portugal Rock Climbs (2017) by Carlos Simes, however it is £37.00 and like most of my life right now, this trip will be on a budget and that's more than a rental car.. 

If anyone has a copy and I can either come take a look / some notes (Bristol) or if someone can show me the pages from this area to see wether it's worth me getting the book/checking out the climbing, that would be much appreciated. 

I understand the importance of supporting guidebooks and I own many, but I don't want to pay nearly Forty quid for what may be 2 or 3 A5 pages that are useful to me.


heleno - on 06 Mar 2019
In reply to Donny M:

We do have the guidebook but we're away at the moment so can't refer to it directly. The climbing in Serra de Estrella is high up and on glaciated granite. 

It's actually a skiing area and may be pretty cold in March, though we did manage some token routes in icy but sunny conditions in February. 

Its not exactly what you were looking for but our blog post might give you a bit of a flavour. 




petegunn on 11 Mar 2019
In reply to Donny M:

There is also the bouldering area of Pedra Do Urso on the granite boulders. Over 200 problems documented. 

From Covilha head up to the Serra on the N339 towards Penhas da Saude. Pedra do Urso is signposted on the road to the right, approximately 7km from the city.

There are a few videos on line so you can get a feel for it.


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